EveLauncher-1183418.exe downloaded to Win 10 and it will not execute

I was away for a few days and when I came back and tried to log in the Launcher was hanging up. I was having the “Can’t find Tranquility files” problem that seems for have hit a few people and so I uninstalled Eve and downloaded the latest file EveLauncher-1183418.exe from the Eve website. I also downloaded the EVEResources/7z file.
When I attempt to run the EveLauncher-1183418.exe as Administrator (Windows 10, fully patched, Norton AV) the program appears to terminate almost immediately, with no error message or other indication of whats going on.

Any hints?

I basically did the same thing and am in the same condition with my desktop. My laptop seems to work ok but the desktop is hosed. I use the desktop for most of my time on EVE so this is, to say the least, a pain. :confounded:

Anyone have any help

The same thing has been happening to me. Launcher used to update fine, albeit sometimes slow. I repro’d the same, exact behavior with my launcher. Latest log file [launcherlog-2017.11.24-] located below:


@CCP_Explorer any thoughts on how fast they could fix this. It’s a fundamental problem, as I can’t even launch the evelauncher.exe nor the eve.exe from the same directory E:\Program Files\EVE\Launcher.

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