EVEMail IMAP/SMTP Proxy - Early Alpha Testing. Help Wanted

While chatting with some developers at FanFest, I had the crazy idea of creating a proxy to EVEMails so any mail application for a SmartPhone or PC could send and receive EVEMails. We have so far tested evolution, Thunderbird, Android Gmail and the Android default mail app.

If you are interested in bleeding edge testing, I would love to get more feedback and uncover any other issues there may be that are current unidentified. Currently you can send evemails and read Inbox, Corp, and Alliance folders. It will strip everything into plain text.

The setup is housed with the rest of the tools and services on https://www.evedata.org
A brief tutorial: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NoY1XYtR--IAImKSVlFosLZQw_ns5aWjd9K_li6UnsI

The UI will be cleaned up as things progress; do keep in mind progress will be slow and there are bugs in ESI holding up development.

Q: I am not a technical dude, but can I use it anyway?
Sure, just do not expect it to be stable or to run your alliance from it.

Q: I cannot delete EVEMails?
Delete is not implemented and doing so will cause unpredictable things to happen. There is no access to the Trash folder via API currently, and while most mail clients will show this folder present, it is not implemented. Related ESI issues: https://github.com/ccpgames/esi-issues/issues/859 https://github.com/ccpgames/esi-issues/issues/877

Q: I found a bug!
Please make a detailed issue here with replication information and logs here: https://github.com/antihax/evedata/issues

Q: Why can I not set my own password?
Liability/GDPR. Some twit would use their EVE password; this way, they can’t.

Q: Why am I seeing deleted evemails!?
Because of this bug: https://github.com/ccpgames/esi-issues/issues/859 Please give it a thumbs up so it gets quicker attention if it matters to you.

Q: Why can’t I see all my evemails!?
I currently limited it to 250 mail items max per mailbox since my mailbox with 4000+ was taking a while to load at 50 per ESI page.

Q: Why do I see some mailing list stuff, but not others?
Because there is no way to filter to mailing lists. Please thumbs up this feature request if it matters to you: https://github.com/ccpgames/esi-issues/issues/877

Q: Why are you asking for scopes other than mail?!
You can pick and choose for each character, which scopes you wish to provide based on what tools you want to work. If you want to only use the mail proxy, only leave Mail Proxy checked.

Q: Can you read my mail?
I have no intention of reading your mails. They do not appear in logs, or output of the service, and debugging is performed in a isolated development environment.

Q: Do you store my mails?
Mails are stored in redis for the duration of the cache times (around 600 seconds) as a raw http cache to prevent repeated calls to ESI within the cache timer. They are automatically deleted when the ESI Cache timer expires.

Q: Why have I never heard of you before?
Likely because the services have never been publicly announced. The site has had a cult following, spreading only by word of mouth. Currently have ~1,200 characters using the services and the site has been in operation since 2008 in various forms.

Q: Doesn’t SMTP use plain text?
Both the IMAP and SMTP services force TLS to connect so traffic is fully encrypted.

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Few bugs fixed, should hopefully stop draining batteries on phones now. :wink:

More testers welcome.

More bugs squished, now implements marking mails as read/unread.

Is there a way to self host this proxy?

Sure, and good luck.

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