EVENT: 1st Anniversary Celebration of Qerl Purser Hound Rescue and Sanctuary

  • LOCATION: 102 Rt. Ramina, SE Lugormaa Holding East Valley. Updu, Jachanu IV.
    [In-game channel: “Qerl Purser Rescue”, no quotes]
  • DATE AND TIME: November 3, 1800 EST [GMT]
  • DRESS CODE: Please wear clothes. Please do not wear expensive clothes. We will not be responsible for hair, drool, spills, or incidental rips.

I am delighted to announce that the Qerl Purser Hound Rescue and Sanctuary has reached its first birthday! Won’t you come visit? :sparkling_heart:

A bit of background on the Sanctuary (don’t worry, I will be brief and then show you cute pictures):

It was brought to my attention some time ago that there was a crisis in slaver hound breeding, specifically miniature slaver hounds bred by unscrupulous persons for the pet market without taking into account the health of the poor little things, or the environment they would be living in. Everyone has probably seen at least one miniature slaver that could not keep its tongue in, or that had lost its mane entirely from incessant licking or scratching, or one that shook constantly–and I am sure I don’t need to explain the stress of keeping one cooped up in a little urban apartment, no matter how nice it is.

All too often these little hounds become troublesome for their owners through no fault of their own, and they are euthanized or simply abandoned. The life of an abandoned purser hound, used to canned kibble and cushions, is not a pretty one. I will let you imagine the dangers they face, and the damage they do to native wildlife! It’s awful, all of it.

My heart broke. And I knew I had to help. Now they have a home. :two_hearts::sparkling_heart::tada:

The Sanctuary is built to offer our rescues the familiarity and comfort of a modern, urban interior while also allowing them free movement and plenty of arboreal cover to perch in. The grounds are securely fenced to protect the hounds and the surrounding wildlife.

Not all of them are interested in perching in trees, though. A lot of our rescues have already had a hard life, and are just as happy to enjoy a nap in the sun.

We accept surrenders, take in trapped ferals from nearby systems, and provide the best medical care and training to our pursers for their whole lives. While we do offer adoptions in specific instances, a purser that leaves the Sanctuary can return any time, for any reason, for as long as necessary.

COME VISIT US! :blush: We will have snacks and drinks, AND PUPPIES! The pool will NOT be open.


As a professional Slaver Hound breeder, trainer and all round animal lover myself, I thoroughly support Ms Qerl’s Sanctuary.

Putting my money where my mouth is, I am willing to make an ongoing donation towards upkeep costs to ensure this service can grow and keep giving the best care possible for these loveable hounds. Please contact me privately Ms Qerl so we might make arrangements.


I will, Utari. It is very sweet of you. Some things, they are complicated–but when one’s heart goes out to a little scowling thing with its tongue hanging out, the heart stays there no matter how hard you pull it back. <3


They are soooo cute! I want to adopt one! Count on me being there!


…there is paperwork you know. Personal and professional references. Should I just message @Gaven_Lok_ri and ask him if he thinks you should have a fussy pet?


I don’t understand why anyone would want one of these things when the regular sized variety is so much more useful.


Lady Admiral Newelle, the standard slaver hound is a wonderful animal for a narrow range of very specific purposes. And there is truly nothing better in the cluster at serving those specific purposes, some of which are a very sensitive topic for many people. That is not our business.

These little things have been bred as pets specifically because so many people do want them, without the responsibility of them at full size…and so many who want them are also unprepared for them in any shape or size, which is why the Sanctuary exists.

Also, they are adorable. I should know. :hibiscus::heartpulse:


Err… umm… do you have to?


This whole thread is criminally wholesome. And also tempting me to adopt a pet.


I commend the nature of the work of your organization. All of God’s creation deserve to be treated with compassion and respect and thus I am glad to see you are spending the time required to give these poor things a proper home and the care they need.


Damn. -.-

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I am not sure a combat pilot is the best owner of a pet that needs constant attention and care.


No one tell Thal. We’ll end up with one for the kids.

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Well, as noted above, there are still formalities. References, meeting the hound, a home check… Really, our focus isn’t adoptions. It is taking care of purser hounds!

That said, if anyone is interested in an adoption, I will lay out the process. Reply to this thread or send me an eve-mail with the following information:

  • Full name and relevant titles
  • Home address and address of the location the purser hound will be living (if they are different). An image or short description of the nature of the place is much appreciated, but not required.
  • Name and contact details for 1 personal reference
  • Name and contact details for 1 professional reference
  • What you are looking for in a pet in terms of temperament, activity level, compatibility with other animals, compatibility with children, or anything else you’d like us to know.

After I (or a staffer) consults your references and does a home visit, a visit to the Preserve can lead to meeting the most suitable animals among our rescues and, if you get along, an adoption!

I know it’s a lot of fuss. Making sure they have a good home is the whole point, though.


Do I have to fill out that form just to come and pet some of the weird little hounds?

I already have a pet.

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My application!

Full name/titles:
Maria Daphiti, Paladin Ordinary of the Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne Order, Captain of the Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris, Marshall Commander of the 24th Imperial Crusade*

Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris Barracks, 24th Imperial Crusade Station, Mehatoor. As an officer I have a one bedroom apartment with a kitchen and a living room and a bathroom. There is a nice park nearby and a café with tables on the boulevard where the hound can eat with their owner!

Admiral Gaven Lok’ri (Neocomm)
Enso Nibbanna (Neocomm)

Pet Characteristics:
I am looking for a playful doormat! A hound that when its owner is around wants to play and cuddle but who will take the opportunity to sleep when the owner isn’t! I have no other pets so other animals are not pertinent.

P.S. to Lunarisse Aspenstar Daphiti “Hush mother”


Thank you @Maria_Daphiti! I’ll look into your application and even if we can’t process it properly before the open house, you can still meet them and maybe start cultivating a bond. <3

…for everyone else, despite the unintentional awkwardness of the timing–please do remember, my first announcement predates the recent trouble–I would like to offer my reassurance that this event is still happening, and is still open to all.

These are pets or former pets every one, little leisured animals all, and they have nothing to do with full-sized slavers or what happens with those. I understand that is sensitive to many people and would like to offer reassurances that given the state of modern purser-hound breeding, there is almost nothing in these little beasts that speaks to their working forbears.

I welcome anyone who would like to visit. Jachanu is a generous handful of systems from the recent trouble, and the system as a whole is thus far peaceful. This is not a fundraiser or a political event. It is purely a celebration of being able to foster little hounds successfully for a full year. Everyone is welcome, and we would like to see you.

There is security of course. But we would like to see you. <3
November 3, 1800 Eve Standard Time. Please wear clothes. There will be snacks and drinks and puppies.

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