[EVENT] Angels and Demons Masquerade

Save the date!

When: Saturday, 19th October at 1900NEST
Where: L’Amore in Ballo

Come celebrate an old tradition of dressing up and eating sweets with an angels and demons theme!

Door prizes to be announced. Everyone who attends will be entered to win one of three prizes!

Stay tuned!


And this is why I love this time of year so much. Parties from wall to wall! I’ll try to make it if nothing comes up!


A fancy dress I can attend simply dressed as myself!


A good beard is quite fancy.


Are you really considering visiting a party organized by Angel Cartel associate, Arcbishop?..

I am quite amused that now Cartel is trying even to buy people to visit their parties, offering some prizes. I wonder, what are they scheming?

Aren’t you afraid waking up next morning in some sort of underground slave market in Pator? I mean, I myself would trust a Blood Raider more likely than someone from the Cartel.

I appreciate the concern, but she’s been to our events in the past with no issue, I’ve met her in passing and I have no appreciable concerns about her behavior, and I’m a pretty big man to disappear at a party. I’ll certainly double check with my corporation to alleviate your concerns.


Ms Kim can you please just be quiet… some of us are trying to enjoy the idea of people hosting events to lighten up the mood in this dismal corner of space. Angel or Caldari doesn’t matter that much


Please don’t compare us with these pirates and human traffikers!!
Caldari State is a CONCORD signatory, while Angel Cartel is a well known outlaw organization. For a lawful citizens it does matter - and does matter a lot.

But if you wish to associate with Cartel and enjoy that - it’s your choice and your choice alone. I may disagree with it, but I can’t do really much, agreed?

I’m glad people are looking forward to the event! I anticipate a good turn out. Food and drinks will be complementary as usual.


Date has been noted. It has been far too long since your last party so I will be looking forward to it.

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Care to elaborate on that, Commander? As far as public records go, Ms. @Lasairiona_Raske is associated with Itsukome-Zainou Hyperspatial Inquiries and by extension with Ishukone and the Caldari State.

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