(EVENT CANCELED DUE TO MODS BURYING THIS THREAD) 1 v 1 Public Single Elimination t1 battlecruiser Tournament at 1800 Eve time on Sunday October 1st

Hello everyone,

For the past 2 weekends my corp has been running 1 v 1 tournaments and having a really good time of it. You can read the results of those tournaments in this thread.

I’d like for our pilots to gain even more experience in PVP, and to see good fit examples and to have a good time. To this end I would like to schedule a 1 v 1 single elimination t1 battlecruiser tournament on Sunday October 1st at 1800 eve time. If you would like to attend, please send me an in game mail!

The tourney will be taking place in the form of duals which will occur in high-sec space.


  1. Only t1 battlecruisers with t1 or meta 1-4 modules.
  2. No warping off during the duals
  3. Single Elimination with the fighting stopping WHEN ONE SIDE DIES - Edited from feedback
  4. May not travel further than 300km from the center of the tournament map.
  5. Duals will take place at a high sec market hub. The exact hub will be told to you through mail the day of the tournament.
  6. Duals cannot last longer than 15 minutes each. At the 15 min mark, if both ships are alive, the ship with the highest % of combined shield/armor/hull will be proclaimed winner.
  7. Dualists will initiate duals at the trade up station, and then warp to a to be determined planet at any distance to begin the fight.
  8. Brackets and dual results will be posted in the following discord channel which I am making specifically for this purpose: Eve Online 1v1 Tournaments
    1. EDIT: Only 1 repper will be permitted*** (Added this rule due to feedback)

I hope we can have a lot of fun and gain a lot of experience in pvp! Please tell your friend, and if you think you would like to attend, send me an in game mail asap so that I can build out the brackets.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you there!