Event Combat Site Spawn Rates are broken, please fix

making 30+ jumps to find a single site, that does not even count for the choosen reward track sucks. it cant get any more boring than that, its basically just warping around for 90% of the time. i contested the few sites i found and all ppl were really toxic, i assume they had to vent their frustration. please increase the spawn rates, currently its just a waste of time.

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Are you only trying high sec? That would explain everything.

Indeed I saw plenty in lowsec.

Cannot confirm that in lowsec are many or more sites than in highsec. To less and fro the wrong side. I am in at day 3 now and have 100 points so far. :frowning: Not very motivating to keep on doing the event.

It would be great to have the datasides not distinguish between the fraction and to give the extra 5 points when scanned/entered.

TONS of sites in WH space. This event is different from the empire Unity Day events.