[Event] CRAFT Bar and Grill Grand Opening 7 Jan YC122

EVENT: Grand opening of CRAFT Bar and Grill
WHEN: Tuesday, 7 January YC122, 1900 NEST-til
WHERE: CRAFT, Tebu Amkhiman, Tanoo
WHO: Everyone not set red to Viavant or banned from the Tebu
WHY: Fundraising for storm victims of Moisant, Octanneve V

Last September, the city of Moisant on Octanneve V was destroyed by a hurricane, resulting in thousands of lives lost, hundreds of thousands of residents displaced, and billions of local currency in property damage.

We have been rebuilding and resettling the area, and now that the survivors have been rehoused either back in the city or at temporary locations, we are turning our attention to raising funds for our ongoing redevelopment projects.

One idea was the establishment of a restaurant aboard the Tebu Amkhiman, which is run by our friends and allies in LUMEN and at which Viavant has a significant presence. The restaurant is named CRAFT and will feature drinks and dishes from Moisant’s rich cultural heritage, as well as favorites from across the cluster.

The bar will be run and staffed by displaced residents from Moisant. Most of its profits will be used to help the rebuilding efforts back home. Additionally, we hope that exposure to Moisant’s culture will generate and maintain interest in the city’s recovery.

CRAFT will have its grand opening on 7 January in the new year. The event will start at 1900 NEST, where we will begin with a traditional procession (known locally as a “second line”) and live music provided by displaced musicians.

If you won’t be able to make the 1900 start time, we encourage you to attend when you can. The grand opening will run til late, and footage of the procession will be recorded and shared.

The date of 7 January was chosen because it is the start of Moisant’s “Carnival” season, which in YC122 will run until 25 February (Yoiul calendar). We may develop more fundraising activities and events throughout the Carnival season.

Attendance is open to everyone who is not classed as “red” to Viavant. These individuals will be unable to access the venue, as they’ll be stopped by our AI. If you are unsure whether you are red to Viavant, you are welcome to ask.

Additionally, if you are barred from the Tebu Amkhiman, you will be unable to attend this event. (The Tebu is a freeport, and to my knowledge only one individual and his associates are currently banned from it. – EDIT: Two individuals.)

We hope to see you there. I’ll share more details about the food and drink menus, musicians, and other features of the event as they become available.

Astaire Irawakeri Quatrevaux
CEO, Viavant
Guardian, Moisant, Octanneve V


Two individuals.

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I stand corrected.

In any case, we’ll defer to LUMEN’s discretion.

It’s during one of my recurring meetings, unfortunately, but I’ll endeavor to see it as soon as possible.

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I should be able to make it.

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Just a reminder that CRAFT’s grand opening will be held this Tuesday starting at 1900.

We expect the grand opening to run well into the early hours of the morning.

Please be ready to pass a standard security check.

The menu includes a number of seafood and vegetarian specialties cooked with flavorful spices, such as jambalaya, gumbo, and etoufees, as well as lighter finger foods like muffuletta sandwiches. We’ll also have a wide selection of drinks available, and the evening will start with live music provided by the Delachaise-Lagniappe Brass Band.

Hope to see you all there.


I’ll be there!

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I would like to attend, but I’d inquiry about the entire menu beforehand, if possible.

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Certainly. Here’s our full menu and our cocktails.

We’re also proud to announce that we’ll be featuring Itamo Naval Rum, which will be available from the bar and in our mixed drinks.

Banner Rouge and Mambi Wine, both locally sourced, will be available as well.

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The menu sounds fantastic, but would it be possible to have extra white cheese and non-alcoholic beverages?

We do have the standard non-alcoholic drinks, but I can clarify that on the menu.

White cheeses aren’t something that’s typically found in Moisant cuisine, but I can see about adding a cheese plate for the grand opening.

A cheese plate would be awesome, thank you!

A cheese plate has been added to the menu for tonight.

Also–this event is due to start in about 45 minutes. Please feel free to proceed to the CRAFT Bar Security Checkpoint, which will open a few minutes ahead of 1900.

(( And also open up CRAFT Bar OOC ))

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The grand opening was a smashing success. Thanks from me and all of Moisant and Clan Licei to everyone who attended.

We hope you all enjoyed the opening procession (for those who were able to make it early) as well as the food and drink on offer. Drinks featuring Itamo Naval Rum proved especially popular, especially the Rum & Quafe and the Hurukan (Hurricane). We look forward to including those excellent rums as we establish our bar aboard the Tebu Amkhiman.

We would of course also like to thank LUMEN for their hospitality, and especially @Lyra_North-Onren for her everlasting kindness and patience with an old fool.

With that, CRAFT Bar & Grill is now open for regular business. Please stop by anytime between the hours of 1600 and 0500 to enjoy our drinks, entrees, and treats.


If my headache this morning was any indication, then I can only confirm the doctor’s post above. I quite enjoyed witnessing and partaking in some cultural stuff that was new to me.

Oh, and I forgot to ask…is CRAFT an acronym for something?

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Nah. The capitalization’s just a stylistic choice.

Thanks again for attending. We’re all glad you enjoyed the event.

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Oh, I thought it might have stood for Clearance, Route, Altitude, Frequency, Transponder.

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That’s not a bad thought, actually.

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