[EVENT] Federation Day YC122 / 2020 - June 20th - 20:'00 eve time

Will there be a venue for those who wish to socialize?

Or an after party? I’d quite happily volunteer L’Amore.

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An Angel bar? No. Gallente Lounge for Fed Day.

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I’m quite happy to see the party held anywhere :slight_smile: It’s always a great opportunity to socialize.

There is also the Homestretch Hotel anchored at the finish line of the Federation Grand Prix circuit. It is easy to find near the Luminaire VI customs office.

[[Channel <Homestretch Hotel>]]



Venture Racing has arranged to help us out doing a Grand Prix please check this [post](Venture racing has announced event details please check this post.) for details

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A wonderful day in the Federation calendar, which no Gallentean should miss. I shall most definitely attend.

Thank you to the organisers and sponsors for making this happen!

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As @Alain_Colcer has said above, Venture Racing is indeed hosting a race for Federation Day. He already linked to the announcement! We are however looking for more pilots to participate in the race!

Reminder that this event will take place on Saturday 20th.

Hope to see you all there.


First read the fireworks name: Four Femdoms…i was like niiceee…put my glases on, read it again…Four Freedoms…dammit


Also wondering how to get the daily challenges done.


these events seem cool-ish. but what would have been cool was a TOURNAMENT!!!

I’m glad to see you back in business, @Alain_Colcer ! I’ll be there!

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You could organize one. I am sure there would be many capsuleers willing to participate.

same with FNS Tenaros in Lirsautton

Yeah this event is broken. FNS Obisus in Alentene isn’t distributing the reward when fired on with any variety of fireworks.

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Same with FNS Cevestis in Dodixie.

FNS Geros in Villore and FNS in Luminaire, both not responding to fireworks

so, I’ve tried a couple of different types of fireworks, nothing. Whats going on