[EVENT] Foundation Day YC 123

“And so it was,*
That Gheinok led his people on the great exodus,*
To the land of our Salvation,*
To the land of God,*
To the land of his Chosen,*
To Athra.”*
- The Scriptures, Gheinok the First 1:32*

On August 5th, we in the Empire celebrate Foundation Day! For those who do not know, Foundation Day marks the construction of the first Amarr church on Athra, now Amarr Prime, by the Prophet Dano Gheinok, who led the first of the faithful onto the planet of Athra.


To celebrate this momentous occasion, Khimi Harar (LUMEN) and the Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne Order (PIE) invite fellow Faithful, Allies, and Friends to a parade around the Emperor Family Academy Station in Amarr at 19:00 New Eden Standard Time (“NEST”) ( Nakamura Time ) on August 5th, YC 123. Fleet Commanders will be Lord Reginald Sakakibara and Lord Consort Aldrith Shutaq. Please bring something shiny… and Gold!

Note: This open to all Loyalists, allies, and friends of the Empire. Amarr ships recommended. No Blood Raider or EoM Liveries.


After the parade, cocktails and further celebration can be had in the “The Holy Grape” in Emperor Family Academy running from 21:00 NEST (Nakamura Time) to late on August 5th, YC 123. There will be windows for a view of fireworks!

Note: Formal attire or formal dress uniforms only please. You may wear culturally specific formal clothing, so long as it is modest enough to conform to Amarrian standards. Those dressed inappropriately will be turned away at the door. (Or given an emergency Imperial formal robe. May smell of old Holder.) This is open to all except members of the Matari/Federation Militias, enemies of the Empire, Sansha or Kybernauts.


On Sunday August 8th, at 15:00 NEST (Nakamura Time) and 21:00 NEST(Nakamura Time), Friar Theodosius Savnar and Lunarisse Phonaga will give a tour of notable landmarks of the Empire. This tour will embark from Emperor Family Academy in Amarr.

This is open to everyone.


On Sunday August 15th, starting at 19:00 NEST (Nakamura Time), Lunarisse Phonaga will be giving personal tours of the “Gardens of the Empire” exhibit in further celebration of Foundation Day, including two new gardens never opened to the public! Her Garden Yacht “Oasis of Faith” will be docked in the Emperor Family Academy, Amarr Prime.

This is open to everyone.


LUMEN and PIE are also sponsoring a contest this year: “Emblems of Faith.” LUMEN and PIE invite all Loyalists, Allies, and supporters of the Empires, to submit posters, poems, and other creative works celebrating the Empire, the Imperial Throne, the Faith, and their legacies. The deadline for entries is Friday, August 6th, YC 123. Judgment and awards will be made mid-August by the Khimi Harar Board and Excubitoris Chapter Command.

1st Place - 1x Apocalypse Navy Issue + 1 billion isk
2nd Place - 1x Harbinger Navy Issue + 500 million isk
3rd Place - 1x Omen Navy Issue + 250 million isk
4th Place - 1x Imperial Navy Slicer + 100 million isk.

(Prizes may be updated depending on support and sponsors)

Some basic rules:
Multiple submissions are permitted from a single individual! However, each submission will be judged independently. Please submit on “Eve-Fiction” or as a Reply to the Contest Thread 'Emblems of Faith"on the forums. While this is open to everyone, please note that this is a competition designed to celebrate Holy Amarr, its history, and its future in New Eden, and bear that in mind whilst creating your submissions!

The Prophet Gheinok Ball:

The concluding event of our celebration of the foundation of Holy Amarr is a formal ball to be held at the Excubitoris Chapterhouse on Oris. The ball will be fully catered with live performances, including a live orchestra, and guests will have access to the entirety of the public facilities of the Oris Chapterhouse. This event will occur on August 21st, YC 123 and run from 20:00 NEST (Nakamura Time) to late. This late date will give all of the celebrants plenty of time to recover from any aftereffects of the Foundation Week festivities.

The theme of this ball is a celebration of the foundation of Amarr and the many triumphs of the Emperors over the millennia. Historical Amarr formal styles, dress uniforms, and modern Amarr formal styles are all acceptable for the event. Dress that does not conform to one of these standards will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Anyone with positive standings from PIE or LUMEN and negative standings from neither is welcome. Those who lack standings are permitted to request entry and will be assessed on a case by case basis. Those who are not considered reputable enough to enter Excubitoris Chapter facilities will be turned away As with other events, those that have shown hostile intent towards the Empire shall be turned away (and those unwilling to leave shall become target practice for the guards).

Call for Papers: Due Date August 31, YC 123.

The Excubitoris Chapter’s Oris Campus and Khimi Harar Research Library System is announcing an academic conference entitled “The Emperors’ Pax.” This will tentatively be scheduled for sometime in Q4 of YC 123. This conference will be held as a hybrid format, with an in person gathering at the Ajram Library and remote access through the Sacred Throne Neocom channel.

We are pleased to formally announce an open Call for Papers for this conference. We ask for 100-250 word submissions of abstracts outlining a potential 10-20 minute presentation on any of the following topics:

  • The Role of the Emperor in Amarr History and Culture
  • The Effects of the Pax Amarria
  • The Effects of the Pax e Kilizhi Do
  • Amarr’s Place in CONCORD and the future of International Relations
  • Threats to Amarr
  • The Role of Capsuleers in Amarr’s future

Those who are interested are welcome to submit abstracts to Chapter Master Gaven Lok’ri and Emerita Nicoletta Mithra (please include both names as recipients when you EVEmail) by the deadline of August 31, YC 123. Please contact them if you have any questions about what belongs in an abstract.

Authors who are hostile to Amarr will be considered, but heretical arguments of any sort will not be tolerated, nor will disrespect of Emperors, past or present. The history of the author will be taken into account when considering any submissions, but will not serve as an immediate disqualification unless said history is egregiously hostile.

Successful submissions will be announced by mid October, and a conference program and date will be decided then. ((OOC note:We are not OOC expecting that everyone will be able to create real 1500-2500 word conference presentations, so long as you are up to doing a question and answer based on your abstract you should feel free to submit one.))


Immensely looking forward to the ball with Utari. Thanks for hosting such a wide array of events!

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I may be there, pending availability. It seems there is something I have been requested to speak publicly on.


I do hope you will be able to be present for the ball on Oris on the 21st.


As noted in the OP, for Foundation Day YC123, Khimi Harar and the Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris are preparing a special parade to celebrate on at 19:00 New Eden Standard Time (“NEST”) ( Nakamura Time ) on August 5th, YC 123.

Loyalist capsuleers and allies from the Caldari State and other friends of the Empire are invited to participate. If you are interested in joining in our in-space festivities, please post your interest in this thread or contact Lunarisse Aspenstar or Akali Sharisa. We will communicate details to you. Spaces fill quickly, so please reach out by Monday 8.2YC123 [OOC: 8.2.2021]!


I, Nauplius, request the presence of myself and the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist at all Foundation Day events.

No, but if you insist on coming to any events in space please give us more than 24 hours notice so we can make the appropriate arrangements.


Hope to see folks for tomorrow!

I understand besides the events we’re running there will be a trivia quiz at 17:00 ((on the CCP stream))


Glory to the Empire and Empress Catiz! I’ll be heading home to Conoban this week to say hi to Mom, make my holy pilgrimage, serve once more on the royal barge and honor this glorious day! I rejoice, after the last few weeks of sacrilegious rust-worship, its good to see a proper celebration in New Eden. And please, for the love of St. Gheinok, clean your space cathedrals before you leave the station!


A thanks for those who came (well most of you!) to the parade and celebration in Amarr Prime today.

Hail Empress Catiz I, long may she reign!

(Source: Lady Zeresh., KHPER)

We have other events planned per the OP to continue the Foundation Day Celebrations!


It’s a pity I couldn’t join the parade because of the time zone, but I also celebrated with fireworks:)



The Creator is pleased with such devotions, I shall cast rites of renewal and power to ask the Divine to bestow these blessings. And so it is, Praise Amarr!

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Winners of the Emblems of Faith contest announced!


The history tours were well attended! I hope attendees enjoyed learning about the History of our Empire!

(Photo Credit: Amicia Cora, SFRIM)

As a reminder, the next scheduled event is:


Our final social event of the month is The Prophet Gheinok ball at the Excubitoris Chapterhouse on Oris. This event will occur on August 21st, YC 123 and run from 20:00 NEST (Nakamura Time ). See the initial post for details.

For access requests for the Order Facilities, please use the Excubitoris public channel “Sacred Throne”.


Thank you to all who attended. I considered the event a lovely success in honor of the Prophet Gheinok.


The deadline for this is approaching. If you intend to submit an abstract, please send myself and Nicoletta Mithra a mail by the end of the month.

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