Event Horizon Expeditionaries is recruiting for 0.0 [HORDE]

Event Horizon Expeditionaries is a corporation of PVP minded nullsec industrialists!

0.0 Corp and part of Horde Alliance
Ingame channel: EHEXP-Diplo

We understand that Eve is a leisure activity and our group is diverse and understand that real life has priority.
If you are looking for a home in the stars then feel free to drop in to our diplomatic ingame-channel:
You can also send an Eve mail or PM in Discord: Chi Aki#2554

  • We are living in nullsec - as part of Horde Alliance
  • We are NBSI
  • We are an active, new pilot and veteran corp
  • We operate in AU and EU timezones with a smaler presence in US TZ
  • Our alliance has amazing industrial structures, keepstars for super capital homes and sotiyos for building great and small.

As a corporation, we have people involved in the following activities:

  • PVP:
    Based in nullsec. Some great opportunities to shoot small gang roamers, larger fleets coming to area and join coalition level major combat.
    We have a ship reimbursement program (SRP) for CTA Fleets at Alliance and Coalition Level!
    New PVP pilots welcome.
  • Mining, Null Sec:
    All the ores! and more ice belts that we can mine, shared and own moons with members boosting for each other, everyone is pretty friendly.
    New PVE pilots welcome.
  • Manufacturing:
    We can make and research everything from Tech 1, 2 up to and including capital ships/moduals/rigs and the largest things in Eve with Alliance sotiyos and keepstars!
  • Ratting:
    All ratters can find a spot anywhere in our space and make some ISK!

Thx to those applications.
We want more :grinning:

Still searching.
Don’t be afraid to get in touch.

Still not full. Also “new” Pilots are more then welcome.

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We want YOU !

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