Event-Horizon Industries [EVH-I]/[CMWTH] Looking for New and Experienced Pilots


Discord: Event-Horizon Industries
In-game Chat: EVH-I Public
In-game recruiter contacts: MTheOverlord (USTZ) & Enigma4325 (USTZ)

Event-Horizon Industries [EVH-I] is a primarily industrial/PvE corporation based out of Nullsec. We are primarily US & EUTZ, and are looking for pilots new and experienced looking to seek out content in null.

We are apart of the Commonwealth [CMWTH], a nullsec alliance based out of Eastern nullsec looking to grow and become stronger as an alliance.

Originally, EVH-I started out as a Highsec/Wormhole corporation before eventually joining the Commonwealth some months ago, and as a result moved down to Nullsec where we are able to participate in large scale PvP fleets, and if we choose, more small gang type PvP down South.

What can we offer you?

  • Profitable ratting space
  • High quality moon ore
  • Alliance/large scale coalition PvP content
  • A friendly and chill learning environment for aspiring new players

What can we expect from you?:

  • An active/semi-active presence in the community
  • Ability to hop into comms such as Discord, or TS3 when available
  • A friendly, cooperative attitude towards others
  • Interest in training alliance ship doctrines to participate in fleets

EVH-I has always, and always will be, a relaxed corporation. However with the relaxed attitude, we do ask members to at least participate on a semi-regular basis, whether that be hopping into comms, participating in fleet action, or simply doing actions that’ll benefit the corporation in general. We have and maintain a IRL FIRST policy, Eve is a game we love, however at the end of the day, it is, just a game, put your life first.

We hope that by reading this post, you get a better understanding of who we are, and what we do in Eve, we hope to see you fly with us soon capsuleer! o7.

industrial pve null-sec

Recruitment is still open, actively looking for players.

Still looking for more people! If you like industry and ratting, we’re the people for you!

Recruitment is still open, industry and ratting awaits for you! (We don’t bite, I promise)

We are still recruiting, come join us today!

Recruitment is still open, come sign up!

Recruitment is still open, join today capsuleer!

Come sign up today, recruitment still active!

Still looking for new recruits, don’t be shy!

Recruitment still open, come join today!

Come join us today, we are still looking for recruits!

Apply to our corporation today, we can provide you with loads of funs!

Recruitment is still open, come join us!

Recruitment open, apply to us today, we promise we are fun!

Recruitment open, come join today!

Hey Johnboy here. I’d like to know more about where in Null corp is located. I’m really interested in pve, Industry,mining,ratting. Maybe pvp.

Hey Johnboy! Just to answer your question, we operate out of South eastern nullsec, between Etherium Reach and Insmother – If you are interested in joining, I can answer more of your questions in our corporation discord

Here is a link if it interests you;

If not, then have a great day otherwise, o7

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Recruitment is still open, come sign up!

Looking for new and willing recruits, come join today!

Still looking for active recruits looking to dip their heads into nullsec! We promise to treat you right!