Event Page Not Loading / Displaying

Greetings All! Maybe one of you out there has come across this issue in the past and have a work around?

The issue:

Minmatar Liberation Day Event screen won’t load / display
I’m not able to select a tribe to collect flags and receive their specific skins. I’m not able to see how many flag points I’ve earned (If any).

What I’ve tried to do to resolve:

Reset Comp x2
Refresh Cashe x2
Fiddled and reset settings in game - No luck
Raised ticket: 1 Response, none of help.

All I want to do is collect these bloody awesome skins for my collection habit. Any assistance would be massively appreciated.

That sucks dude. Unfortunately, that sounds like something that is a problem on CCP’s end. So, they would have to be the one’s to help you with that. Hopefully they get you sorted sooner, rather than later, as this is a time limited event.
No P2W

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