Events and directly applied rewards

I noticed that recent events ( probably since the introduction of Proving grounds ? ) are designed to force players to directly participate itself.
Specifically, the events rewards ( skins in mind ) are directly applied to the character. They used to be distributed as tradable items. therefore event runners could exchange their efforts into cash and others can exchange their efforts in other area of game into event items.
In other words, ISK used to be pretty much equal for anything else in the game. Anything else but trust and reputation could be aquired through ISK before. ( Even the faction / corporation standings can be gained through ISK )
In my recognition, this equivalence of ISK is the core of “The Player Driven Economy” that CCP frequently refers in the ads or any other scene they self-praises.
With this directly applied rewards, players have no choice but to run events by themselves.

Different people are cut out for different things, thereby making value ( = ISK ) in the different aptitudes are pretty much important for the diverse and complex economies. That’s the biggest and only reason what has made EVE unique so far in the scene of online gaming.

As far as I know this ( = directly applied rewards ) tendancy is only appearing in the event as of now yet, I suspect CCP may expands this methods to the other area of the game.
In my perspective, keeping this method is not good for the longterm game health.

Would you think this tendancy is good for the game ? if so, why ? If not, why ?

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Soul bound items are very much against the original spirit of EvE, same as instanced gameplay. But sadly it’s the new doctrine of CCP creative leadership to not create tools and sand anymore, but maximal isolated and targeted gameplay with a pre-defined solution path.

In particular it‘s the attempt to force a higher player count and engagement to help with the numbers.


With stuff like this I don’t really see an issue. Seems they want people to participate, undock and go out there. Not just sit in Jita on their piles of trade gold and buy a stack of skins for later, once they become more scarce.

These events are not core gameplay, it’s an extra.


Living without the need to aquire something just because someone else has it is the first step to happiness.


Rewards that are directly applied have a big benefit: they cannot be farmed by free alpha alts to be sold on the market.
This is why most of the (alpha) login rewards are applied directly to the character.

Additionally directly applied rewards encourage players to participate in those activities with their own character, rather than buying it from the market with ISK they gained with their regular gameplay, which is the point of the seasonal events: to provide fresh gameplay every once in a while.

I agree that ‘soul bound’ items feel out of place in a market-driven game like EVE, but I understand why it’s done for certain login and event rewards.

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Login rewards and participation rewards are not to be mixed. There is the fundamental difference that participation rewards can‘t be scaled effortless. So there is no reason to make those bound to the account.

Except you want to “force” players who would like to own a certain item into a particular gameplay. As said, no sand, but pre-defined solutions tailored to reach a certain business goal.

I participated very little in Winter Nexus this year (too many other games with better holiday events running), but it was my understanding that only the skins earned as an “event reward” (either login giveaways or from event points) were character bound.

The skins that dropped within the sites themselves I was told were tradeable.

that’s fax

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Correct. Skins dropped as loot are tradeable.

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