EverMarks (EM) Farming Highsec

anyone has some strategy to farm EM without making Eve a job?

i have a 1 Toon-corp that just holds a structure, and i would likke to put some paint on it, but with a single character, farming 100k++ EM is kinda difficult.

any ideas ?

You can only do one turn in per day but you can decline the offer as many times until one comes up you want to do. What I do is load several hundred Ventures in a station and then decline until asked for a Venture. Rinse and repeat each day.

that is actually a pretty neat idea :wink:

currently i do the daily challenges with my SP farming alts in the main corp, about 5-6 can archive the required EM east, but in a 1 toon corp, whole different game. ill try the actual missions since your idea is pretty good :wink: if that work’s i’ll just make it a 2 toon corp and have one of them stationed at the agent-station.

on second tought, maybe not, for a 1 month paintjob, i’d need to come up with 25-28 Ventures, which will cost me about 12million to make, (which isn;t really a big problem)

but to get them there are two things the “mine some ore Challenge” is up to RND-Jesus so ther may or may not an extra 1000 EM in it.
then selling the one Venture/day with the 23 hour cooldown this must be timed well otherwise you going to miss at least 2 days … and this making it a job nevertheless.

too bad i have over a million EM on the player corp already and can’t use them ;(

so 12m for the ventures minus about 3mill “discount” as the mining challengs recover some of the materials used. makes it 10m ISK … not a bad deal,
but the time and timing required to accomplish that… not so sure it’s worth it just to have some bling.

not to mention this only works if the members are Omega’s which is kind of a waste of a omega toon slot (unless i find a paragon agent thats in lowsec, so it can at least do some PI and pay for the waste of Omega) :wink:

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