EveSkillboard Changelog

Oct 7 2020

Backend Security Updates

Aug 8 2020

Added in non-injected skills with an accompanying filter button at the top of the skillsheet.

  • this caused a small miscalculation on Ships a pilot can fly based off skills, this has been corrected and will fix itself with a forced refresh of your Skillboard (reauth and hit create)
Aug 7 2020
  1. Sorted standings by Standing value, no more mixed up mess!
  2. Backend Upgrades, CMS and Associated 3rd party resources updated up to current supported versions
  1. XML Download - allows the download of an XML built file importable to Evemon & Pyfa
  2. Removed Extracted Value - with the market changes and the constant use of a guesstimate value, I found it safer to just show the # of injectors you can pull out for you to calculate on your own
  3. Edge case where a JC was in a unreachable station (didn’t exist anymore), don’t die on that
  4. Updated plex transfer description guide page
  5. Automated the pull of new skills (previously manual process)
  6. Refresh button
  7. No more nightly refreshes of all skillboards
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