Evewarfare.com shutting down May 24th


Just to let you know if you use evewarfare.com it will be shutting down on May 24th. I’m not playing eve at the moment and didn’t want to pay £70 to GoDaddy to keep it running another year. The domain name will also expire at that time.

Source code is here if anybody wants to take it’s place: https://github.com/garemoko/eve-fw-data

Fly dangerous!


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Thanks for your service

Is it hard to get this running on a webhost?

Why not set up a Patreon account (or other similar service) and request contributions? You shouldn’t be paying anything yourself for providing it to the EvE community. Instead, ask players to spread the cost.

If each player contributes just 10p then you need 700 contributions to reach £70.


Anyone know how i can install this on my web host?

Is some complicated to debug. Recursive Queries, jquery, etc. And some of the php called same than the html , and then invoke a classed called the same. With results as 100.67% contested i am not go to use my time in debugging.

If put a copy in


and change the values to my database and a new app key, but fail to return an error in the database. I put as is, maybe someone can use it.

@DrButterfly_PHD i am owner of many VPS, if u have control of that domain or another, answer and i can donate the space. the price of a hosting as is, are aprox 24 USD plus domain cost, if use hostmantis.com, 70 pounds are a waste. With me only pay the domain name if u want.

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