Exact center of the map?

Anybody know what system is closest to the very center of the map? Anybody want to figure it out? No particular immediate need for the information. But just wondering, because were I to form an ingame event(s), which spot would be the least jumps for all people to travel to/from.


That’s actually a pretty good question. From a quick look found this from a few years ago https://forums-archive.eveonline.com/topic/164286/2/ where Abdiel Kavash posted up some info but dunno if anything recent has been done.

Have wondered myself at times but never enough to delve right into it as tbh not sure how to go about it with factors like the map being flat or expanded, geographic center or based on jumps even things like Jove space being included.

Would be cool to know and maybe CCP could even plonk a beacon or something in the center of the universe to go visit as sight or something. Hopefully someone here might post up some info in regards to it.


Definitely a good question. Probably have to figure out which systems of the 4 main Empires are nearest to each other and then pick the system close to the middle of them all.


Jita 4-4 is the center of the universe

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Since Jita is between Kaaputenen (the system with the minimum average distance to all other systems ) and Otosela (the system with the minimum sum of square distances to all other systems) you are very close to be correct.

I’d call it Skarkon as the system, Eoldulf as the Constellation and Molden Heath as the region. Molden Heath is the hottest region in galaxy as the center of it should be.

Moreover, they are situated near the Point of no Return.



The only good thing of Molden Heath is that it is one of the most abandoned places in Eve. You can try to build your solo sand castle there and it will survive for a week or two longer, than anywhere else, including the Solitude region. Hottest? High sec: Luminare system = 684 kills & 67 000 jumps, low sec = Saminar 985 kills & 4300 jumps. Now your hot Molden Heath… high sec: Teonusude = 10 kills & 4200 jumps, low sec = Illamur = 9 kills & 760 jumps. The only thing that is hot is red colored nabula, after month of flying there you need new eyes.

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I see this as a good answer.

Don’t try to find the centre of the map simply by geometric means. Rather focus on where people are and find the centre of the people.

Or ask yourself, what good would it be if your centre system was a low-sec or null-sec system?

When you want to do events then do it somewhere in between the market hubs of high-sec. Algogille and Luminaire as we’ve now seen with the race were pretty much in the centre of it. Jita is then pretty much a central system know to everyone.

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OP’s question was: “Where is the center of the map?”. Not where is the central morgue or something like that.

I mean temperature under ‘hottest’ term. The center of the galaxy has higher temperature and luminosity.

BTW. Molden Heath (MH) isn’t so abandoned region as you think. There are other much more abandoned regions in the game. Currently MH is used as a transition hub mainly - not as a dedicated place to live.


I disagree. Jita is practically on the other side of the Eve Universe from Ammatar.

Looks like there’s our answer-- Skarkon system. But the post about be central point in terms of player population has a good point too.

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Nope. It’s Yulai. Never forget Yulai. Damn you CCP :frowning:

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