Exact SL mechanics

Yes, we all know that you get offered a SL mission every time you complete 15 regular missions of the same level and accept a 16th.

My query is whether the missions have to be of an allied faction for them to count towards the 15/16? It was my understanding that this was not the case (e.g. that the SL counter counted missions irrespective of whom they were being run for). However, I have just done 14 missions for one faction, hopped over to an alternate (non-allied) Faction to do the last two missions, but after having done six now without an offer, am stuck wondering whether there is a bug, or whether I have misunderstood how the SL offer mechanics work.

Wondered if anyone could enlighten me.

[edit] they are all bog-standard Level 4’s, no cosmos, epic-arcs or FW missions and dotlan confirms there are multiple SL agents nearby

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I am pretty sure it has to be the same NPC corp that you run those missions for. If you start with another NPC corp or different faction all together, you start a new stacking-up process for that new corp/faction and the first corp remains unchanged.

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I’m pretty sure it is not corp-locked. I did ~48 level 1 distie missions for a variety of corps within one faction about a month back and got 3 SL’s from it; it could be Faction-locked though I guess.

The thing is, I have never heard of such a mechanic being mentioned, so I wondered if anyone could corroborate what the exact mechanics were.

it’s 16 missions per faction, you will need to do 16 more missions after swapping as progress for another faction doesn’t count.



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It’s 16 completed missions of the same level for the same Faction. Doesn’t matter if you mix up the levels or the Factions, the game keeps track of the mission count and will send you a Storyline Offer when the 16th mission count is gained.

I know this for a fact due to running the level 1 and all level 4 Epic Arcs. Those are the only missions I run and I get Storyline offers for the various Factions at different times.

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This is better documented in the UniWiki than anyone is going to be able to explain here (and you got some wrong reply even):



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