Storyline mission confusion

So three players form a fleet, all running the SOE arc. Pulling missions separately and completing encounters etc separately, claiming rewards separately, no-one set to share rewards. In a fleet for convenience to help warp and stay together during travels, come to aid if there’s a problem maybe.

After 40 or so missions, the fleet leader has been given 2 storyline missions so far, the other players none (all other stuff like rewards, standing increases are processed separately, as expected).

That’s not right is it? Bug report or petition here?

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One is SOE epic arc mission the other is normal storyline mission that you get for completing 16 normal missions (which SOE epic arc missions count to as well)

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About half the missions in the SOE arc are run for the Sisters of Eve but there are a half dozen or so for each of the Empire factions. If the fleet leader got 2 storylines, he/she either ran it before or has been running other level 1 missions for the empire faction that awarded the storyline. The first time you run the arc SOE will award you 1 storyline mission - I believe it will be awarded after mission 45 during the final chapter of the Arc.

The missions you run for the other factions will count toward a storyline either the next time you run the Arc or if you run normal level 1 missions.

Odds are everything is working as intended.


You nailed it. One had completed L1 missions for relevant factions, but fewer than 16 and since forgotten, and they reached the 16 mark during the course of the arc.

o7 Holmes

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You get a storyline mission every 16 missions of same faction. So if 1 person already did for example 10 Minmatar missions, then 8 Gallenter missions, then 4 another and 12 another, when they go to do the actual SOE arc that takes you all over the place they will hit their “16” all the time. While the otehr people might have not done those at all and therefore will not receive any.

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Yeah, I just ran the lv 1 SoE epic arc and got 4 Storyline offers, 2 with SoE, 1 with Minmatar and 1 with Amarr.

Next round will probably give me 1 with Gallente, 1 with Caldari and 1 with SoE.

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