Excavator Mining with the ORCA

May I suggest a NEXFLIX subscription? Mine all you want and never run out of stuff to watch.

Like this?

I would have a field day with that. Orcas flying in random directions at high speed all over the place…

It’s ok guys, you can untie your knickers, after much debating with myself. I am pleased to announce the arrival of “The Royal Mint” (they also print money). https://gyazo.com/9d5631f090706addccaac047f04a78d8

Because there are the augmented mining drones. With maxed droneskills and other necessary related skills my Orca fills rather fast to my satisfaction.

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To be fair, I’m pretty sure it goes like this

T1 -> 25m3
T2 -> 33m3
Augmented -> 37m3
Harvester -> 42m3
Excavator -> 100m3

So we go from a 32% increase to a 15% increase to a 14% increase to a 138% increase.

Not really CCP’s usual MO to not have a smooth scale of progression within a module types’ variants.

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Yeah it’s almost like one of them is capital size or something :thinking:

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I’m a miner and I love mining so I’m with you excavator drones a they will not fit with the Orca they’re too big they’re meant for the Rorqual
now your option for the Orca is augmented mining drones. They have them for ICE also it’s an augmented ice mining drone
you’re asked them to downsize a drone that’s not going to happen most likely it’s CCP

A they don’t do anything fast a they’re like the US government

B it would hurt the economy because if we could fly excavator drones Why in the world would anybody go by and spend that many billion on a Rorqual

I mean I made some pretty crazy I did request to help the community of small corporations but this one I have to say even for me it just like really

to entertain your theory let’s go with the example for a minute the Orca has a drone Bay of 125 M3 so therefore a Hornet augment is 5 M3 the current excavator drones are 750 M3 so just going off of that saying they would drop it down to 25 m excavator drone

you would still only hypothetically be able to carry two because you would have to carry your defense drones and you figured ice mining drone so maybe not even to 1 it just doesn’t work out mathematically even from me someone that loves mining this one is no bueno

Nah they are not, otherwise they used to use fighters mechanics.

Be nice to have a little more bandwidth so we could use two defense drones with a ice mining drone

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I mean, I was in the room when the Mining Drone rebalance was being laid out by the devs, and they specifically pointed to excavators as the ‘XL’ mining drone.

of cource they could call it whatever they want but in reality let’s look at the stats and yes 25 m/bit looks pretty lame and “well balanced”.

The reason it has 25 m/bit is so that you can limit the Rorq’s drone bandwidth to 125 m/bit to disallow it using 5x Geckos (50 m/bit), which would be broken.


I was about not to increase Rorq’s channel bandwith but to increase Excavators m/bit so it won’t be the case of 5 of them. :sunglasses:

While I don’t advocate CCP making this change yet or possibly ever, IMO the best argument in the thread against Orca and Excavators is the loot piñata / high value KM effect. Ironically though, that would be key to balancing implementation of this idea.

Mining should NOT be a high reward and low risk AFK activity. Implementing this idea only seems to create that effect. 6-8 billion in drones on field is significant risk.

In HiSec .8 .9 and 1.0 Excavators would likely be counterproductive given how low volume the rocks are.

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