Excubitoris Chapter Joins Khimi Harar


“Surround yourself with the faithful, Stand together, for there is no strength like it under the heavens.”
-The Scriptures, Book of Missions 71:21

Excubitoris Chapter House, Oris and Tebu Amkhiman, Tanoo

The Khimi Harar alliance (LUMEN) welcomes the Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne Order (PIE) to the alliance. Both the Excubitoris Chapter and LUMEN have long served as defenders of the faith and of the Empire, uniting under the Khimi Harar banner enhances both groups’ ability to be there when it matters for Amarr.

Speaking on behalf of the Excubitoris Chapter, Chapter Master Gaven Lok’ri made a statement affirming the long alliance between LUMEN, and especially SFRIM, and the Excubitoris Chapter. “Over the last decade, in locations such as Arshat, Kahah, Mehatoor, Nakri, Thebeka, Arzad, and Sahtogas, we have stood together as the faithful against the evils that would harm Amarr, and we have been victorious time after time. We look forward to this alliance growing ever more effective as a bulwark against anyone who would dare threaten Holy Amarr.”

Speaking on behalf of LUMEN, Executrix Lunarisse Phonaga welcomed this new chapter in the longstanding friendship between the two organizations. “Time and time again, we have stood together, and each time we have been stronger for it. This is the culmination of a long alliance that has and will continue to provide us with the strength to protect and strengthen Holy Amarr through our faith, works, and words.”

Accredited media and diplomatic contacts can reach out to Esna Pitoojee (Khimi Harar) or Gaven Lok’ri (PIE) for further information and inquiries.

“Face the enemy as a solid wall
For faith is your armor
And through it, the enemy will find no breach”
-The Scriptures, Amarr Askura 10:3


Well, that was unexpected, I give you that.


A most exciting development indeed!


I am honored to be among the first to publicly welcome our brothers in arms of the Sacred Throne Order into the fold of the Khimi Harar. Their strength and knowledge shall assist our devoted mission of providing a shield for the Empire against the threats this modern age produces.

Ave Paladins! One chapter of your long journey ends. Prepare your pens and scrolls, another begins.



Not going to lie, did not see this coming. This might be a healthy move for you lot, though. Get out of the toxic sludge for a while and find something to define you that isn’t Sarum’s lunatic warmongering or the pendulum in general. What will be interesting to see is what identity does appear after a decade and a half of that grime washes off.

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Dark Times

I cannot adequately express how overjoyed I am to be able to welcome the Paladins of the Excubitoris Chapter into the ranks of Khimi Harar. The Paladins of the Order have long been stalwart defenders of the Faith, a sterling example for all of us who would use our gifts as capsuleers to serve our beloved Empire.

Of course, we have always flown under the same banner: that of Holy Amarr. May we now serve it with even greater distinction together as members of Khimi Harar.


First, I just want to say that I agree w/Miz: I think this will be good for a bunch of you. Obviously, some others (like Utari) have a more recent breadth of experience than others, and I think that cultivating that will help with some of the… brittleness… PIE’s shown, at times.

I am curious, though: PIE has (or has had) a ‘only Amarr hulls’ requirement. We’ve seen LUMEN flying in non-Amarr doctrines quite recently (for example, in EM’s Typhoon doctrine in Pochven). Will PIE members be broadening their skills to participate in alliance fleet ops?

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Sigh… Silly IGS not allowing just the simplest of answers…




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The Excubitoris Chapter will always proudly fly Amarr. It is fundamental to who we are and for what we stand.

With 18 years of experience in living with our Rule, we are more than capable of finding roles that Amarr ships will excel at to support any doctrine chosen by our honored allies.


I didnt see this one coming either and I was a member of PiE(Albeit not very active last 6 months or so). Probably a good move, I wish you guys luck in these new endeavors!

Even when Utari moved to Brave for a time, he was still flying Amarrian hulls. So I dunno what you’re talking about.

It is a great honor to be a formal part of Khimi Harar. I am blessed to have known many of them, to be a part of their lives and for them to have been a part of mine on a personal level. I could not ask for better comrades to stand with as servants of the Empire.

Lady Abigail Renaud
Paladin Initiate
Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne Order


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