ExeFile crashes

I’ve been having some periodic crashing since the last update and was wondering what could be causing it. My screen would flash black several times before the exefile crashes. Fortunately, I was running Loglite the last time it occurred and these are the results that were recorded just before the crash:

DX11 device removed reason:887a0020
changing stream 4, which is reserved by Trinity. Undefined behavior.
Process 8324 crashed

Any help would be appreciated.

It looks like the same issue people had with Directx 9, at some point.

Whats your PC specs? Are your drivers up to date? What windows version?
Need more information hehe.

This used to happen to me on windoze 7 with the old AMD Catalyst drivers. Whenever they “broke”, windoze would reload the driver but “unplugs” your video card for a second. It took a while but around 5-8 minutes later, I could go on.

This can be something similar and the “DX11 device removed reason:887a0020” maybe be a new behavior from the EVE client whenever the AMD driver crashes. Try updating your AMD driver or don’t use windoze at all.

I’ve honestly been dealing with this as well, caused me to lose a Dominix Navy Issue, was in mid warp to a L4 mission site then it crashed. Unfortunately it wasn’t the type of mission where it brings you to a accelerator gate first.

Petition it. It’s still sad.

I moved to Linux Mint now and my crashes have subsided since then. In fact SiSi crashed this weekend once for the first time in about 2 years now.

With the recent Spectre and Meltdown issues we are facing the official note from AMD is not to use the latest AMD driver for older games and stick with the last Catalyst one.

I hope it works for you.

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