Exoplanet Hat

Simple question: How do I unlock the hat for use?

It showed up in my inventory, but unlike the skins that I have accumulated for various ships, where I can right click and see an option to activate the SKIN license, the hats have no such option that I saw.

I get show info, view market details, sell, buy, create contract, find in contracts, add to market quickbar, and trash it. That’s it.

I tried just double-clicking the hat but nothing happened.
I went back to the tailor in a station but there were no hat options for my character there, so it didn’t, as far as I could see, automatically unlock by my just having it.

Any help?


Just put it in the item bay on any station that has recustomization service (in the top-right corner) Probably not available in citadels.

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Yeah, I suddenly realized my error.

I thought that hats would be an extra category. Instead they are just extra “hair” options.

I had already went back to customization but I was looking for hats and didn’t bother going through all of the hair options to look.

Thanks though.

I really wish that we didn’t have to keep the hat around. That we could just click it to unlock it for the account and be done with it.

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