Men's Exoplanets Hunter Cap

From your Project Discovery Dev blog we can see that uniform we can acquire but it seem the first piece, the Men’s Exoplanets Hunter Cap, cannot be used.

Would be good if it would show on the Character Customization Window so we can wear it.

Is it the same form every piece of clothing in Project Discovery, taking dust in the inventory? ( i know cap quarters are no more but we can change look of our portrait. )

I think you might just be doing it wrong.

You need to have the cap in the Item Hangar of the Station you are at when you want to equip it. Then go to customization and the cap will be at the leftmost end of the headwear / hair options.

Ah missed it then.

I was not seeing it, i might have moved it by mistake.

Thank you Sindara.

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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