Expedited Transfer timer

Can someone please tell me the use of the timer/cooldown of Expedited Transfer between storages on planetary production? Is it just to make our PP life more miserable than the gazillion clicking needed to change things around already does? I just want to move stuff, like now.

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It’s there to prevent you from moving a lot of stuff now. Spend some time analyzing the flow of material through your colony and you should be able to come up with a design that doesn’t require transfers. Each stage of processing (up to P3) reduces volume so you can route outputs back to the same container the inputs came from.

I know all that. But I like to tinker a lot with my setups, depending on availability and profit. Sometimes that means mixing it all up again. But I can’t often do that on the fly because I run into cooldowns.

I route all materials in and out of the Launchpad storage, but use dedicated storage where I have cpu/powergrid room for it. I always ‘expedite’ to and from the dedicated storage.

Then, thanks to the cooldown timer, I never use 5000 of the 15,000 storage capacity. I might come back next day if the storage I had filled up was 20,000… but… it’s not.

I guess the idea behind the cooldown of the expedited transfer timer is similar to the idea behind the cooldown of the ability to set your medical clone to a remote station; the possibility to easily move around exists for convenience, but it is not the intended gameplay and therefore not always available.

It seems PI is created with the intention that you set up the routes for your goods on the planet and that manual movement of goods is only meant to be (1) in space where other players can interact with you, and (2) while setting up the planet. Between hauling and resetting cycles, automation should take care of the rest, not manual moving stuff around on the planet itself.

That’s my interpretation of the idea of the cooldown timer.

While not a direct answer to your question, you can reduce the length of the timer by upgrading the links between the two ends of your transfer. A basic link can only move 1 250 per hour, so moving a full launchpad worth of material gives you an 8h cooldown. Upgraded to level 5, the same link can move 40 000 per hour, so will do the same transfer in 15 minutes.


Didn’t know that, thanks.

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