What is PI expedited transfer delay for?

Like the title say - What is PI expedited transfer delay for? It’s between a launchpad and a storage facility. It looks like to me that there would be no other benefits if the transfer is removed from the game except removing the annoyance. No game-breaking industrial impact.

Am I missing something? (real question… I’ve just got back to the game and I’m re-learning stuff)

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I guess it is added as inconvenience to encourage players to set up their PI with automated routes, rather than doing regular manual transfers to move stuff around.

Additionally, I think that the expedited transfer cooldown is meant as a ‘reward’ for improving links to a higher quality, as the higher tier links get lower transfer cooldowns, at cost of additional CPU/power for the higher tier link.

That said, I do not think either of those reasons is a good reason and would rather see transfer cooldowns gone and have the concept of upgraded links (which does nothing as none of my links ever is overloaded) to be removed as well. It doesn’t add anything interesting to the game.

I think it would be an improvement to PI gameplay if expedited transfer delays were to be removed.

It’s on my list of things I would like to be changed about PI. One of these days I’ll get those points together and make a bigger post about it if I can set myself to it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Its to keep folks from using the larger storage and coming back less often. Forces them to use launchpads for more complex setups.

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