Expensive beer because of global warming, noooo


Beer is important, I love my cold beer (non-brit style).

Beer will be the smallest concern when you will have to pay 10 times more for food and fuel. The rate at which we consume as a humanity is unsustainable, even when we recycle.
The standard of living will be probably what it was in the beginning of previous century, and world population will shrink to such also.

I’m glad you see that, the reason nobody cares or does nothing about it is because we are not hurting enough.

Stay with me for a moment, the problem seems insurmountable when looked at but it is only that way because people don’t know what to do because even when people see it, know it to be true, and have a path to a solution we often choose to fight mediocre things then address real issues that threaten lives, humanity is some piece of work.

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Well, if every company on the world have in plans to sell more and more every year, when governments look at the statistics and see all consumption rising and production rising and they are happy, you know you have a big problem, as big as the whole “advanced” world. If the thinking would be really advanced, we wouldnt have as much problem in future. :thinking:

Of course some thinking people and initiatives groups want to do something about that, but it will not work without complete shift in all governments, and people will have to sacrifice some of the things they are used to, to not become like rabbits that multiply and eat all the grass untill its so much of them they just live on a barren ground.

Biggest problem is our (humanity), the way of thinking that equates everything down to us instead of the group (everyone else in existence).
The will to give up something because it helps to bring order to a situation.
As I have posted before we can’t get ourselves out of our situation by following what has been failing us forever, our current way of repeating what has been tried isn’t going to bring that order and governments can’t help to be corrupt because government is NOT innovative, it is exploitive, government is a parasite, it’s like using tape worms to lose weight, you lose it but you give up so much and get sick in the end with a gut full of worms.

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