I have been helping smaller corps troubleshoot their Recruitment and Retention Problems.

This Is something I very much enjoy doing, among other things in game.

If you are flexible in your approach to recruiting and can take onboard Enthusiasm and Fresh Ideas, I may be able to assist you.

I can advise external to your corp like a consultant, Or head up A recruitment team as a corp member. I have experience of both approaches.

Typically I help growing High/Low Sec, Industry, Mining, or PVE Corps with 15-50 existing active members, that have hit a plateaux in recruitment.

I may be able to turn things around for the better - in less than a week. Can Provide Testimonials.

Have Your CEO Shoot me a mail in game. @ Gheeveetto Meyargen.

Working externally I usually use this toon, otherwise from my main ‘Hisar Harvo’ who is nearing the end of his current assignment.


ps…see my post for discussion & testimonials on a ‘Related’ Topic here…

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Hi, Im the Ceo of Pixar and we had the plesure of getting help from Hisar.
Hisar helped us rethink our way of recruting and had some great tools to help of keep track of what to do a follow up on and keep the ball rolling.
The first recruting run we did with Hisar, flooded our recruting channel, and kept us busy for a couple of hours.
We have had to slow down our recruting to avoid getting overwhelmed with new members needing help to get settled.
I can only recommend you contact Hisar, im sure he can help you get your recruting to the next level .
Fly safe.


I had the pleasure of meeting Hisar in my last corp when I was coordinating the recruitment, he taught me invaluable lessons on how to recruit and most important how to retain new members.
The recruitment runs we did together was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had in Eve , but be prepared because you’ll get a lot of replys from new recruits and might be overwhelmed in the beggining :smile:

Also he’s one of the best person’s I’ve meet in Eve.

11/10 - Would recomend everytime and anytime.

Hi I am the CEO of Nexgen Industry.
My personal experience with Hisar has been absolutely amazing to say the least!!!
He was so helpful and his methods are out of this world, he helped me turn my HS corp around entirely, I myself am an experienced eve player but Hisar’s outlook changed the way I look at eve entirely.
Hisar has shown me a new path/approach to recruiting, every time I do recruiting the channel gets flooded. Hisar taught me how to not only get members but keep them as well, he gave me the tools and methods to do it all myself within a week!!!
I am very pleased with his work and knowledge, I can only give him my praise and thanks for his TIME,KNOWLEDGE, DEDICATION and DRIVE. He helped me in a calm and mature manner.
He has a real passion for helping people, and it has been a real pleasure to have worked with him.
He is one of the few people that makes EVE AMAZING ->Bob bless him<-
I would suggest you contact him, he blew my expectations away

—Feel free to contact him in game or reply bellow—

My personal recommendation 100/100
Yours truly CMDR NEXGEN

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