Expert Theories & Games is Recruiting

Expert Games & Theories is an USA based new player friendly & real-life first alliance created with a single objective, to help people and Corporations play the game the way they want and pay for it.

We exist with the purpose of creating a home, for you, and for others. Our existence is driven by a colonization effort to plow the lands and vast landscapes of this universe, to sow the seeds for the countless of generations that will come after us, we know what we are looking for and we know how to get it.

We are striving to create a haven free from drama and forced play styles, free from forced mining operations and unrealistic taxation, for us our pilots freedom and enjoyment is key along with giving them the room to try the things they want to try. We are family in a way and our community are friends who trust in each other. Come give Games & Theories a shot.

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