Expiry date for PLEX

(Tommy Rainbow) #1

When PLEX appear on account a first time its start hidden (or not )) counter (like max time market order >89d 23h 59m).
“PLEX Vault” will have two cells, let’s call it ‘A’ and ‘B’.
A’ cell - store only “new” PLEX that have never been on the market
B’ cell - store “used” PLEX < mean all plex’s after market or direct trade
If PLEXes not used in this time (89d+) all them will be moved to cell ‘B’.
You can take (operate) PLEX’s only fromAcell.
Main suggestion - You can sell PLEX in market ONLY ONCE!
PLEX orders on market can’t be modified, only remove. When u remove ur PLEX order they will be moved directly to cell ‘B’.
U can add subscription or buy something in EVE_store from any cells (first will used all in ‘B’ then from ‘A’).
Direct Trade can be used only once, after that this PLEX moved direct to cell ‘B’.
All PLEX’s can’t use: Contract system, all type Cargo con.&ships, e.t.c.

Remove options “Buy Omega time to other account”.
Wanna buy Game time for some1? check PLEX price > give them pure ISK for this.

(Nevyn Auscent) #2

Do people bother searching…
This would murder the database. You would have to store every single plex as a unique item, and the market couldn’t handle that.

(R-0-B-0-C-O-P) #3

Short answer: No
Long answer: Nah, this isn’t a good idea try again.

(Do Little) #4

People do not purchase PLEX from CCP to pay for gametime - it’s a lot cheaper to pay for that directly. They buy it because they need ISK for some in-game project; most simply sell to a buy order at a trade hub. That buyer may have a use for the PLEX but, more likely they are working the buy/sell spread and will relist the PLEX in a sell order. Someone may buy it to pay for gametime; to buy skill extractors or skins or simply to hold as an inflation hedge. PLEX works extremely well and doesn’t need to be fixed.

The problem is ISK, more specifically the fact that too much ISK is being created out of thin air by the bounty system. As long as this continues, the price of PLEX denominated in ISK will rise. This isn’t because the value of PLEX is increasing - the price expressed in real world currency hasn’t changed, but the value of ISK is declining. You can’t fix this by changing PLEX because PLEX isn’t the problem.

(StonerPhReaK) #5

I don’t see what the problem is and what this fix would do other than make buying and selling plex have more steps.

(Scipio Artelius) #6

This a terrible solution looking for a problem that doesn’t exist.


(Tommy Rainbow) #7

This decision removes speculation with PLEX.

(Scipio Artelius) #8

What’s wrong with speculating with PLEX?

(Lukett MyDabb) #9

yea, not making any sense my man, i have only 9 plex to my account because of events n aurum conversion, but say i want to turn it into isk because i REEEEEly want something but don’t have the isk. then i try to dump it only to be told “it expired, so much for that, sucka.”

(Teckos Pech) #10

The Benefits of Speculation

(Juvenius Drakonius) #11

If you buy plex with currency and at the time of purchase it was not stated that it has an expiration date then you have a legal problem on the works for CCP.

If you bought the plex with In-game currency and plex has an expiration date then you have players not willing to buy plex to store for future use…that would sound good in paper but in reality the market does not have the needed buffer to stabilize demand/prices.

If you sell plexes only once in the Market then what what happens if the order expires with no sell? do you lose the plex?

It does not make sense to me to do this.

(Frostys Virpio) #12

The opnly feasible way to prevent the use of PLEX as an investment tool would be to change it’s nature after it hit the market to an “account bound” item in the PLEX wallet. You would have tradable PLEX when acquiring PLEX through the store or events but any PLEX passing through the market would the become a second class PLEX which cannot be sent to another account. This has the “benefit” of only creating 2 possible database entry for PLEX instead of unique for every single one if you give them an expiry date.

It’s still debatable if that would actually be good for the game in the long run tho.

(Old Pervert) #13


Let me guess, you are part of the 99% and you hate the 1%.

Say this happened. Say CCP gave 6 months of notice that they were going to do this.

Literally millions of PLEX gets offloaded into the market - I know many people with hundreds of thousands of them. That’s more gametime than they will EVER need.

So they add 3-4 years of gametime to each of their accounts, then dump the plex on the market over 6 months, crashing the price of plex.

During this time, all of the purchases of plex would cease, because hey, why buy plex when you can only sell it for about 500k isk each? Not worth the real money.

Everyone buys up all the plex, everyone who can afford it plexes their accounts for a few years, the rest plex for as long as they can.

For the next few years, plex prices remain crashed because you can’t speculate with it… there’s no reason to buy it unless you need game time, and the majority of established players don’t need gametime because they just plexed for the next year or five.

CCP folds because they now have no noteworthy income, and Eve dies.

Good job.

(Tommy Rainbow) #14

If you bought plex for currency they appear in redeem items first wo “timer”, so you can move it to Vault cell A in any time you want.
If you bought plex for isk ingame they move right into cell B.
If the plex order expires with no sells they just moved to cell B, you don’t lose it.
For cell B no expiration date you use it for purchase in New Eden Store, add gametime e.t.c.

(Teckos Pech) #15

Of course it doesn’t. People who moan about high PLEX prices are wanting to have their game time subsidized by others. For example, if I have say 10,000 PLEX and this were to be implemented the intent would be for me to fire sale my PLEX–i.e. sell my PLEX at a price lower than what I bought them for. This might create a one time windfall for these kinds of people, but it would end up really messing up the PLEX market in the long run. These same turd-blossoms would end up whining here that there were no more PLEX to be had at all. Everyone that posts a whiney thread about PLEX prices simply do not understand economics. They completely missed the point of the broken window fallacy as articulated by Frederic Bastiat around 150 years ago. For some people no amount of time will cure them of their economic ignorance.

(Do Little) #16

Look at it from CCPs perspective.

Player A buys PLEX from CCP, sells it in game for ISK, uses ISK to buy skill injector(s), injects a portion of skillpoints in the injector.

Player B buys PLEX on the in game market, uses it to buy game time and skill extractors from CCP. Trains character(s), extracts skillpoints and sells on the in game market for ISK.

This is a virtuous cycle driven by player impatience - we want instant gratification - that probably earns CCP millions of real world dollars a year.

They are not going to kill the goose that lays these golden eggs!

(Daichi Yamato) #17


And what about the poor bastards who want to convert money into isk? You’ve just slashed the value of their RL money compared to isk. And why? Cause you want to play omega for free?

Play alpha.

(Teckos Pech) #18

How is this a vicious cycle? All of these transactions are voluntary. The player who buys a PLEX for RL money and sells it gets ISK so he can do his thing. The guy who buys the PLEX stays in the game and does his thing. The player who sells his SP gets ISK so he can do his thing. The player who gets the SP can do his thing. All of these things are in game. Why is this bad? You say “vicious cycle” how so? Isn’t everyone free to stop at any point? Isn’t that what it means to have voluntary transactions?

Seriously…why do you hate people having choices and options?

(Do Little) #19

not vicious cycle. Time to clean your glasses :slightly_smiling_face:

(Teckos Pech) #20

Holy crap how did I misread that? :stuck_out_tongue: