Explain This

I have seen a lot of killmails. But I have no words for this.
Is this insurance fraud?
Can someone explain what happened here please?

Fraud and kb padding Id say

0 damage…self destruct?

Hmm probably. Others might know better than me, but if insured itll have paid, and the “kill” is logged on the other character.

Does this actually pay out?

Should do. I had a sack of Battleships stuck in a WH I was being evicted from recently. I insured and set to destruct and lost relatively little isk in the process.
Enemies would tag em with a few shots even though they were tethered just to get em on the boards.

So instead of getting killed by broker fees, I can just blow up my own stuff for money?
What a concept…

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Yeah though value is mineral value so who knows atm

Yes, I do this all the time. You should try this with Orca’s.

This may be a good idea because that’s what is getting nerfed next.


Magic 8 Ball

Watch what happens to the price of Orca’s

They’ve already been going up because of the Ore distribution changes. What are you talking about?

A little from column A and a little from column B…

Not only do self-destructs pay out insurance, but if you eject from your ship and that ship is destroyed you get paid insurance too (even if you are docked)

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