What's platinum insurance payout on a Nidhoggur?

Surprisingly hard to find this information - at least for me and a friend. We’ve pulled up zkillboard, however you get different numbers for the insurance payouts at the bottom. Pull one kill up and it says platinum insurance payout was 1.2 bil ISK, pull another one up and it is less than a bil, etc.

Generic googling on this produces nothing. There really should be some website that has a lot of popular ships and their payouts (maybe there is one and I don’t know?).

Another, kind of unrelated question. I don’t know about jump drive mechanics. Can you jump to a cyno (in capship) and then safe logout directly, or is there some timer or cooldown?


1.08B minus 325M premiums

Zkillboard in general is a nice source for this information.

Well like I said, I get different results on zkill. For instance, this is the first thing I pulled up:

That says almost 1.3 bil.

Insurance payouts are modified by CCP regularly to reflect market prices. It stops people being able to profit from it if the actual value of said ship drops significantly.

The kill you linked is from 2016, so this is probably what has happened.

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I’m curious why there’s any insurance on capital ships at all…

Why wouldn’t there be?

Even supers can be insured lol

Because they can only operate in hostile space. Seems to me like the insurer went broke long ago…

I think every area of Eve qualifies as ‘hostile space,’ but I guess I know what you mean.

Hey, you can get hurricane insurance right on the beach in Florida, so…

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