Explaining the ‘Problem’ of Pirates & Crime in Eve Online


Eeyore deserved it for being a literal dumb ass.

Solstice Projekt was banned, and refuses to use an alt to post. Thus, I am forwarding this to you from him.

Dear Asshole,

Hek is not a backwater tradehub.
It’s the closest thing to Mos Eisley EVE has.

Hek offers some of the best margins you can get in highsec. It’s close to a SoE missions agent, it connects Dodixie to Amarr,
has a great shortcut to Jita (it’s ranCer, not ranKer!) and it’s the only Hub where the cowards can’t easily hide behind the systems high security status.
It’s right next to lowsec, acting as a hub for lowsec pirates and faction warriors.

And we even have miners with teeth.

Anyhow … nice video. Great plot twist at the end, revealing you are actually a pirate.
That was well played. The title is brilliant clickbait, too!

Yours truly and ■■■■ you,


I mean… he’s right about it not being a backwater trade hub. It’s not even a trade hub and is barely a regional market.

It has great margins because it has such low volume. Not sure what he means about fw pilots. Even the cal/gal war zone is extremity small with maybe 300 peak pilots with both sides combined and the amarr/min is even smaller.

Hek is more like an American mining town. Sure at one point it was a great and it has a lot of history but now it’s empty aside from squatters and a few old folks too stubborn to move.


I used to operate my industrial operation out of Minmatar space using Hek as my main trade hub.
Fond memories.

The only problem with Hek was as I expanded what I did I rather grew out of it - it’s a great but small hub in an interesting bit of space. I operate out of Amarr now.

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Tell Der Projekt:


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