Exploration dispute

question: I try to explore without stealing a site of someone, I look around, into the overview panel, if I see a player and if not I start scanning, How to you handle it if someone claims that you’ve stolen his site?

I even received a warning of my corp ^^ Second time now, first was some weeks ago, No can was opened, I started to hack, only mine was opened, a little bit later the blaming starts.

Sure mistakes can happen, but still I’m so furious about the fact that they just claim that I stole the site and without further questioning I receive a warning ^^

Constantly looking into the chat, even started to take screenshots when I arrive at a site -.-

Any ideas?

PS: this char here is an alt of mine and wasn’t the one who scanned, just that you don’t wonder why he isn’t in a corp


Bit weird as no one owns any sites as such it’s just considered the honest thing to do by some if you see someone else in the site first to move on, however if no ships and no cans opened then fair game and I’d hit it as well.

In regards to the corp giving you a warning over a site especially if nothing was opened, no bookmarks or mails from the corp stating that they were going to hit the site soon then too bad so sad I think you got it first and all is fair in exploration.

I personally would send a mail to the person accusing asking why myself, and what they are going to do in regards to letting myself and others know what’s apparently off limits or not, to make sure I don’t hit a site they reckon they were gonna do to try to avoid as much conflict as possible if I really liked the corp, but would definitely state my case. If not happy with the response or the corp, I’d smash the sites and change :slight_smile: .

Edit: if it’s in null and it was in another corps space within the alliance that might be why they got snarky is all I can really think of, but still would ask them to clarify myself.


Some info is missing, so I’m going to go through 2 scenarios:

1: Youre scanning and another person thats in your corp/alliance/blue claims that you’ve stolen their site. Well if you were the first one into the site, then thats your site. Tell them to go F themselves and cry in highsec. If they got there first then move on to the next system before they get there.

2: Youre scanning and a random neut starts yelling at you. Simple, pack more DPS than them and shoot them :3


1st question, were you in space your corp owns?
if not, then that can clearly lead to disputes
2nd question if you are in your corp space and corpmates are accusing you, its time to consider using comms more effectively or having a site/ratting channel in chat.

if you aren’t sure about space ownership, it is always polite to ask if anyone is in local, if not, scan on!


Lol. Leave shitty corp, or scan in other’s sov/NPC area … don’t give a f*, the sites belong to whom can grab it and defend the claim (with weapons usually). Having no blues makes life easier (you can use an alt if you want to keep obeying to your masters).

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Well I got to admit it’s a NRDS corp :stuck_out_tongue:

So everything gets handled differently.

It was in the territory of the Alliance.

True I should be on voicechat, I didn’t see a text message, but sometimes I just play too long until I get tiered.

Had a 12 hr working day yesterday, started the PC and that mail popped up, so I was sooo pissed :smiley:

“Don’t steal the explorationsite of others, first warning” something like that in the line

I didn’t even check who wrote me, I just wrote back that “he” is a desperate sausage.

Prior I started to take screenshots, if no can is open, and I see noone, why shouldn’t I start to hack ^^

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Tell them to fuvk off. Tell them that this is a competitive game. If your corp doesn’t back you up, you are in the wrong corp.
Edit: Maybe your problem is that you are in the wrong part of Eve Online. Try WH space where if you can kill it, you can have it. No horse manure and idiotic ball busting rules…just fun.

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NRDS is not really a place to relax after work (for me at last). There are just to many rules to follow.

What I am used to is that when you blow up a can because you messed up the hacking mini game you get a warning. Blow more cans up and you will get shot down by your blues because you are wasting sites. Same with cherry-picking only the best cans and leave a half hacked site behind.


I like the security lol :stuck_out_tongue: The constant flow of intel and enemy movement.

My char only sits in a T1 magnate.

But no I can’t relax, and that’s why I’m playing in the first place. I even don’t like listening to others why they chat in the voicecom.

No problem with using it if I ever join a fleet, but no I don’t want to use several apps to be up to date and to know what the alliance is planing.

Last corp I was in was kos to them, and the old corp was just one on the paper, I got blown out of the sky, so i switched to this alliance, now I realize I could enter their space because of their NRDS policy,

but on the other hand I’m now stressed out because of wrong accusements, which could arrise over the time and set me kos if and I guess I will, leave the copr, with 6 PI guys, and 1 explorer (4 accounts at the moment)

PS: and if the claims are valid, I was just not aware of it. But I really don’t need anyone sending me a “warning” without further detail ^^

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Sending “warnings” and complaining about rule violations is how some people play EVE.

I even understand it, that there should be “rules”, that ofc there must be rules, if this system of NRDS should work, but it shouldn’t come in this volatile form.

Searching for nullsec corp, which only wants my taxes and leaves me with ~11 chars in peace :stuck_out_tongue:


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The problem is … it does not, or only with a super passive aggressive environment, you are experiencing now.

There is so much to write about, like if you ask for advice and later on just tell a story and ofc they get annoyed if you behave in their eyes like a moron.

But well I didn’t know about capitals in rocky havens :stuck_out_tongue: and died faster than I could say ■■■■, or when i cruise on my own to get goods out of the alliance space and they tell me they could jump, but well I don’t want that for this tiny portion.

I’m just to used to handle things on my own, I love someone who knows how to play the game and has some tips for me, because i’m full of errors, but if I just wait for my skills to raise and can’t do anything on my own anymore i go crazy.

So I just bought tons of injectors to be able to fly the one or other ship, or else it would have taken me 1-2months.

Started again after ~10 years, prior only 3mio points, bought 7 dlcs on steam, spend a lot on plex and I’m really not greedy, the problem is if you start new, your skills aren’t good enough to handle yourself well.

So well :smiley: I like the game, I respect rules, I’m just antisozial :slight_smile: Don’t want to listen to others, I feel like a moron while using a headset, too old for that :smiley:

PS: I want the juicy nullsec without getting tromponed or shoehorned.

Time to become a privateer again <3 more like in the sense of freelancer

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done \o/

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Is your overview set up to show corp/alliance mates?

If so, why? Many common overviews do not show your friendly targets, since it makes it very easy to accidentally lock and shoot them in a pvp situation.

If not… well… perhaps you didn’t see him?

Possible, but I just had the standard overview and always saw them flying around, left the exploration site 3 or 4 times because of others and because of already emptied spots, which I really never saw before I started to hack.

Anyway I left the corp with my flock.

But ofc I don’t say that I’m 100% certain, but I only saw once a guy constantly complaining another time someone left local and I waited for some time until I started to scan.



in your alliance space … no guy in the site . nothing opend means YOUR SITE
you cant safe a site for later … there will allways be someone who runs it

if your corp/alliance dont agree … pack your stuff and join a other corp … sorry to say that but safe a site for later is just ■■■■■■■■ … could be that it despawn anyways

how do they know you run the site?

you can contact me ingame if you need a new corp



Thx got to check you out after work.

PS: I never wrote someone that I’m running those sites, just flew all over the alliance area.

Now I got an overview for the explorer which shows friends in a very specific colorful way and in the future, if no enemy is present, I will write into local that I start to scan the site.

In the end you can’t satisfy everyone, I just abhored the way I received this short warning, of the ceo, without further explanation and without a spark of doubt as if I did it on purpose.

I felt mistreated because I spoke in teamspeak already one or two times about this topic, while the ceo was present and how to avoid such conflicts.

And really it was never ever on purpose.

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Are you sure Eve is the right game for you??


Depends on the setting I choose, there are different ways to follow, at this time I had chosen one you don’t have to agree with, doesn’t mean that I won’t learn and change again, into branches I haven’t thought about so far.