Exploration question

Can we fit guns on a exploration vessel? Cuz every time I use my probe, hunting for treasure it’s always feels like I’m a captain heading to treasure island without any cannon on my boat…
It’s just unsafe and have no little chance to fight back.
I know that the exploration vessel are dead if they get into a fight
But still bring a knife to a gunfight still better than nothing.

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Yes you can.

EDIT: Btw, you should have plenty of room to fit guns on Gnosis cruisers, and you don’t even need cruiser training.


You can. The T1 exploration ships also have a drone bay, and you should be able to launch 3 light drones (4 if you’re flying an imicus.)

In fact, properly fit, a T1 exploration frigate can be quite dangerous. One of my favourite activities in EVE is using my magnate to bait out and kill stealth bombers and badly fit astero who are camping relic sites in wormholes.


I use probe with ammor tank
T1 guns and drones don’t dealing much dps tbh and if a bomber throw topedo on me
I would blast off really quick…
Usually I just burn my AB to get as far range as I can
And try to use drone
But it’s never work out
Plus my cap isn’t stablize so I ran out of juice quickly

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A torp should’t apply a lot of damage to a fast frig, though. Properly fit frigs should be able to take a bomber, simply because their weapons are far better at killing frigs than their is.

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Hopefully your girlfriend understands when that happens. Don’t stress over it - happens to every man sometimes.

T1 exploration frigs are cheap as dirt, so you really aren’t losing anything, especially if you insure them. If you want real horsepower to fight over these sites you can graduate up to cruiser or strategic cruiser or something else, however no matter what you fly, there’s always somebody (or, more likely a group of somebodies) who can and will kill you. So consider just flying cheap, and consider any losses as the cost of doing business.

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Lmao good joke
Well my probe are cheap >1mil fit
But it’s still feel awesome to blow some ganker asses with a crappy duck tape probe anyway XD

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Fit your Probe for speed/evasion

For DPS you can yell “PEW PEW PEW!” in Local chat.

Can i do explor in T1 dessi?
Name it "x’s imicus

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You “can” do exploration in any ship you want, the destroyers just don’t get a bonus so it will be harder to find sites and hack them etc

And renaming your ship hasn’t been a valid tactic in about 12 years :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes you can, “Sunesis” is a good one with extra bonus for exploration.

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for exploration its better to fit for high probe strength, high relic / data hacking, and sub 2 sec align.

eve loves specialized ships and hates hybrids trying to change the “role” a ship is supposed to fit in.

your not going to win a fight against a pure pvp fit ship. best you can hope for as an explorer is to escape.

My killboard disagrees with you :stuck_out_tongue: (am I allowed to link it? just look it up on zkill and filter by magnate kills/losses)

i looked. thats a pvp fit magnate.

i was meaning something like an astero with guns and scanning / hacking fit vs something thats a pure pvp fit.

or mixing roles , like mining veldspar with a battleship :slight_smile:

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