Exploration ship for an alpha that is immune to D-scan

I know right, I don’t think alphas should have cloaking skills BUT, what problems could arise if we had an exploration ship like the Probe (or other), faction frigate ship that cost more 15 mil isk that had immunity to D-scan but nerf the slots.

3 high
3 mids
3 lows
2 rigs
30 m3 drone 15 mb drone.

Basically a lower sec runner that at least they can hide but still be probed out with combat probes.

Correct title: alpha tackle frigate that is immune to d-scan. Because let’s be honest, this is not an exploration ship, it’s a combat recon that an alpha can fly.

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Yeah, probably, nerf more 2 high, 2 mid, 1 low?

Better yet an alpha cloak that uses liquid ozone so that cloaking is limited time and or a cloak that burns out after 1 hour… I don’t know.

Or alphas could just fly T1 exploration frigates and watch d-scan/local to avoid getting caught? And pay their $15/month if they want a real ship?


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