Explorer Interceptor to avoid gatecampers

(Anderson Geten) #21

because in a heron you can only do FACTION relic/data sites.

(Sugar Smacks) #22

If you are intent on doing Null relic sites with an interceptor it must first be the interdictor nullified version, you must be able to fly through bubbles. Next fit the rigs with tech2 Polycarbon engine housings and the low slots with tech2 inertial stabalizers. This will bring the align time of the interceptor to below 2 seconds. It must be below 2 seconds to be 2 actual seconds, anything even slightly higher than 2 seconds will in all actuality make it 3 seconds and you will die. I also recommend a tech 1 cloaking device since it will fit.

I also don’t understand why you would want to do data sites at all, in fact, I would just use a tech2 relic analyzer and only be looking for relic site.

There is no data site in Null worth doing that isn’t way too much risk for this little ship in the first place. Also anything that might be (superior sleeper cache) you wouldn’t be able to scan down anyways.

(Anderson Geten) #23

that’s almost exactly the stiletto fit I gave, but instead of using rigs for align I use them for relic str.

(Nora Maldoran) #24

If you have a solid fitting for it, the Gnosis should be capable to do a variety of sleeper sites. You can see what NPCs you will encounter on this site: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Category:Wormhole_sites
I did a sleeper (relic) site only once in a Harbinger and the effort needed did not make up for the fun and ISK I got out of it.
But keep in mind that in wormhole space, NPCs might be the least of your problem. Players tend to be much more dangerous.

Good luck.