Extend the manual "approach to" to the "double-click", and allow you to disable double-click and set it as a shortcut

Holding Q down for the button to “approach” enables you to set first a direction in the horizontal plane, and then a direction in the vertical plane.

First I would like to suggest that the “double click” in space gets its own shortcut you can set, similar to the fact you can change Q as it is it’s own shortcut, and that you can do the same direction along planes as with “approach” but instead it’s the infinite direction, like the double click does.

I would also suggest that you should be able to enable/disable double clicking and then just use the shortcut you want to use. I.e. let’s say I set it as “w”. clicking w sets it automatically in the direction I’m looking straight ahead. Holding w would give me the planes to set a direction.

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