Extended Downtime - Thursday, June 29th 2017

Can you write that in english too, pls?

CCP, while you are at it, maybe think about future events, and give expiry dates on accelerotors, that allow us some time to actually use them after the event stops? 24/48 hours usage is all good, but when they expire when the event expires, no point to the event or doing said event



Rogue swarm ended 27.6. 11:00
Rouge Swarm Accelerators can be activated till 29.6. 23:59:59
its allready there

someone even asked about a runtime after the event ended for 1 or 2 weeks so the traders have also something to play with… maybee in the future?

i also liked the first Blood Event where was 2 boosters with differrent runtimes and attibute boosts
this could even be

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Idle time because of what?

Nuff said :stuck_out_tongue:

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In my opinion ивент there was too easy, Loot not necessary, skins not interesting

so 2 days after the event ended, the accelerators are useless, nice, just so glad I farmed for accelerators :slight_smile: The blood raider ones lasted much longer

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to install the newcomers …

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The expiration time of blood raider boosters was always the same between the +10s and +12s.

As for booster expiry of 1-2 weeks past the event ending… the most recent blood raider event (#2 overall) let the boosters go for 4-5 weeks past the event ending. It ended in early November and the boosters expired in early December. That’s exactly what traders would like to happen every time. And just event site runners, too, as the boosters from the last couple days of the event won’t be worthless for resale then.

Most other events, including blood raider #1, IIRC, the boosters have ended in a few days (certainly within a week) of the event itself/sites spawning/boosters dropping ending. So they’ve clearly been experimenting.

And now we’re going to see a modified version of the SCOPE event from last July happening this July with the Agency thing. Should be interesting.

oh @CCP good work this time with the news in launcher and the pop up for extended DT

(only the ingame warning had standard text 15min some players mentioned)

My point is, what use is an event to encourage people to farm, when the main bonus (Accelerators) are usable for 24-48 hours, dependent on skill, the make them expire 2 days after the event ends?


Please can tel all of us what is this essential testing are you doing , because we the payers of this game we would like to know, because there is no information about this extend downtime ?
Thank you…

“VIP Mode” :open_mouth:

If it is our buseniss too they usually tell it after they finished, without asking it.

And why the reason to not tell before doing ?

Becouse it is not our business.

because they are devs, and are busy

something to listen to while you wait :grin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9Dg-g7t2l4