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Nice try, but i don’t think so



I think the learning curve is even harder as they add more elements to try to correct the mistakes they made in the past to try to cover the even more mistakes they made even further back.

50/60k online ring a bell? Not where did the numbers go, but why?


The focus on the CSM I am understanding after reading many of their comments on what the CSM18 is mostly about new Capsuleers.

That is the focus I believe going forward. Even if this means toning down the hS criminal activity of scams and gankers.

Only time will tell if the learning curve changes.

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Well, my perspective is that I survived past noob-ness despite the changes CCP made…not because of changes that seemed to me to be CCP doing their best to get me to leave. I’d say the noob perspective is that its already a hard enough game to get into without CCP moving the goal posts every 5 minutes to ‘help’ noobs. The thing noobs want more than anything else is stability…to be learning or using stuff that is not going to change soon.

If noobs are going to be inspired to stick with a game for years, they want to know it is going to be the same game for years. They have to be able to project whatever they are doing forwards for that incentive. If the goal posts are moved every 5 minutes…that incentive disappears.


are they going to protect again veteran freighter pilots and afk golems using the “new capsuleer” protection as an excuse?

If CCP would really want to “help noobs” they should start bring some order to the mess they created with adding more and more half-baked high-sec content over the years, all with different and sometimes completely arbitrary rules and exceptions that only cause frustration to to beginners who simply get the feeling you can’t move a feet in this game without asking Google for a guide or using a dozen third-party-websites.

I mean, imagine being a new player, having begun with PvE, saving up for a good battlecruiser or even battleship and go looking for rats, finding some “autothysian lancers” on a gate. Wondering if you can kill them, being surprised as hell how hard they hit you compared to all the other cruisers in the missions you know, then using all your beginner skill to actually survive that, feeling like a hero and getting doomsdayed by the Drifter Ships that warps in for reinforcement. In the midst of HighSec. What drugs need a dev to take to implement such crap?


tbh I know Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen are like this also. Perhaps it might be industry wide. :man_shrugging:

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Hey Sweetie, still running gatecamps in your gnosis?

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I still have the 100K EHP, 2.5 second align time version…but that version is only really useful for running gates and not much else, so these days I far more use a 720 DPS, 4 second align version with warp scram and sensor boosters and less EHP. It’s one of the most versatile ships in the game…often out-performing ships that cost 3 or 4 times as much. I think it is just ship snobbery that stops corps using it more.

Beam Laser Phantasm…with warp scram

DPS 565
Range ( with Aurora ) 67km
Align time 7.6 seconds
COST 300m

Beam Laser Gnosis…with warp scram

DPS 625
Range ( with Aurora ) 72km
Align time 6.5 seconds
COST 70m

I wondered that on my very first day in Eve, in my little Venture, after coping with all the red symbol belt rats that show up. Amazingly I survived the encounter…was able to warp off with 10% hull remaining and a mental note not to attack Autothysian Lancers. That is how Eve should be…not with little notes saying ’ big scary dudes’ above anything that might cause ship loss.

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I applaud the person who came up with this as it gave me the strength to continue playing. I don’t see it being any easier then or now to learn.

The problem is EVE was a nitch game for hard core players. Hence the 50/60k players. Trying to make it mainstream is part of the reason we have today’s numbers. I asked this in another thd. What was so broke in the game that 50/60k accounts online was bad?


I remember that feeling. No one wants to work that hard to know that feeling now days.

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Crap, forgot to add that means were just getting fatter sheep? Asking for a friend. :smirk:

If they do then so be it, not everyone can benefit from CSM18

Let’s agree that CSM19 elections will be the same?

Don’t hold back tell us how you really feel!

Gankers AFK all the time, don’t be upset if Miners know how to AFK better than you gankers.

But…Frosty wants to be a ganker.

FOBs are only in certain systems. They added tons of convenience to miners such as heavily buffed Orcas, onboard compression, moon mining in HiSec, buffed rare anoms etcetc. Mining has never been better. The Hulks left because of the Rorq buff and they didn’t come back too much after the nerf I guess.

Hulks are meta now in null-sec, since the rorq nerfs. Lots of Hulks to be found in high-sec too, although Macks are more popular in HS because they are easier to afk with.