Extract skillbooks

So I made an uneducated decision to learn a expensive skillbook (Capital Industrial) on the wrong toon.

and I’d love that there’d exist a feature where I could “extract” the skillbook itself from a character to either sell or inject into anotther. Now it’s to late for me, but what do you guys think about that option?

Wouldn’t really hurt the gameplay, other than putting back skillbooks on the market or to help plebs like myself, when a misstake was made.

Skill books are ISK sinks, this would massively reduce that sink.

What do you mean by a isk sink?

If you really made a mistake by injecting a skill book into the wrong character, just ask a GM to correct your error and move the skill over to the correct character. Maybe they will decline, but I don’t see why they wouldn’t make such a swap if you ask nicely.

There is no need to fundamentally disrupt the market and game balance by introducing a new mechanic for the rare people who make a mistake like this.

Because people farm endlessly there needs to be a way to pull isk from the economy, thus sinks.

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