Extracted - finished


  • 8 Days left to CS V
  • Perfect Boosts
  • Can Fly all Command ships
  • Precursor t2 Weapons, skill books injected for the small
  • Ikitursa!!
  • T2 Drones: Small/Medium/Heavies/Sentries
  • All T2 small/medium Missiles
  • Decent Scanning skills(Was a wormhole char)

He’s got some goodies in there as well:


The Auroral pod implant is 5b alone :slight_smile:

This is worth more than the extractor value :slight_smile:

Starting Bid: 50b
B/o: Surprise me

48 bill

50b :ok_hand:

50.5 bill

51b offer

51.5 Bil


Keep them bids coming guys! Looking for a bit more :grin:

To the top, looking for something a bit higher than what’s been offered.

To the top!

Extracted, please close

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