WTS 26m Industrial/Jump Freighter pilot


Pilot has a positive security status and positive wallet.
Comes with a +5 implant set with industry hardwiring implants.
Good reprocessing skills
Can build all t2 modules up to capital size and has almost max build slots

Start bid: 20b
Buyout: 26b

Daily bump

20 bil

Sorry, i’d get more than 20b by extracting… Start bid is 30

Not sure what prices you are looking at, but you are not even getting 20b by extracting. Good luck with your prices though

Current extract value, based on Jita pricing: 16.7 billion ISK.

Rip injector prices

Price lowered upon further inspection of the market! Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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Thanks for the bid. This auction will close in 5 days. Tuesday 10th July @ 4:39am

I need to wait too long, I can understand that you want a higher bid, but if I buy another favorite character during the period, I will cancel my bid and hope you understand

You’re more than welcome to bid the buyout :blush:

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Back up

Still looking to sell

And up…


22 bil