Eyes on Pochven

I’ve found a way into Senda.

Out lurking in the Drone lands in my buzzard looking for old derelict research outposts to plunder for tech, I kept an eye out for any wormholes I’ve come across in my scanning in hopes that maybe I could find an entrance to one of the occupied systems in Pochven

  • Entrance to Wormhole

Long story short, deep in Etherium Reach - in the system of EX-GBT, I found an entrance… Funny enough spotting a Capsuleer entering ahead of me, didn’t keep track of his name.

  • Senda side of Wormhole

  • Senda Star

To my surprise and pleasure, I ended up in Senda, formally apart of The Caldari State. See, I had interest in getting to this space and poking around for awhile now, Just never had the luck of finding one entrance, peferrably I wanted to find a system that used to be apart of the State AND a system that had temperate worlds on it. Senda? Home to three temperate worlds.

So let’s talk about the Temperate worlds. Senda V, VIII and IX I have done brief flybys past, similar to my efforts with helping out a Capsuleer resident of Vale awhile back. The idea was to hopefully come across some colony lights on the darkside of the planet, but… You’ll see.

Senda V

Senda V

Senda VIII

Senda VIII

Senda IX

Senda IX

Nothing darkness covers the planet… Was like staring into a void at times, just trying to make out the land from my angle. Not a single light up on the surface of these worlds, And each time I try to get a single out to a starport or colony command center, I got nothing…

… Then I started thinking, and i noticed that the planet’s still had functioning customs offices. Made me consider instead of using the 3D reaction of the world used for colonly planning to try and pinpoint the location of some Command Centers still functioning on the planet surface, this managed to actually provide some results.

Senda V Colonies

Senda V Colonies

Senda VIII Colonies

Senda VIII Colonies

Senda IX Colony

Senda IX Colony

Working on fumes at this point, there is a good chance there are more colonies to find If i actually looked harder. After scanning the world enough times, these were all the colonies I could find still giving off a signal. Getting direct connection to the administration is not possible however, even with the advanced systems of my Buzzard.

Wanting more information, I decided to take a look at the deactivated gate that used to lead to the system of Shihuken

  • Shihuken Gate

A rather blunt and grotesque look for this once lively gate. The entire thing has strange crystal growth that has swollen in size in the center of the gate.

  • Shihuken Gate Crystal

I wanted to get a close up shot to bring closer attention to what we’re looking at here… But to me something about the crystal looks organic, like it’s… Alive. I wish I could explain it better, but It’s baffling enough as it is.

Moving on from the gate, I decided to take a look at what infrastructure existed in space. Reports claim that Capsuleers are incapable of anchoring citadels in this system, but that doesn’t stop pre-anchored structures from operating still. To my surprise a free ported Fortizar is in system, named the 'Triangular Trading Tower" Because… Of Course

Triangular Trading Tower

It kinda took me out of the moment noticing it, as when i stepped into this system I thought I found my self in some hesllish wasteland only to then take note of this odd oasis in the shape of a Foritzar Class citadel with a functioning market service…

Worst part is, I can’t even hate.

Moving on however, I wanted to take a closer look at the occupied Caldari station in system. It used to be a school for the State War academy before the invasio, now however it is a “Proving Complex” for the Veles Clade.

  • Veles Calde “Proving Complex”

Not sure what goes on in there, but from my understanding the Trigs aren’t repurposing these stations too much from their original uses, this station has a lot of schooling equipment, rooms and amenities and the name alone “Proving Complex” leaves little to the imagination of what’s going on here, this is just continuing it’s use as a training ground, just now for the Veles Clade.

  • Proving Complex close up

Finally some signs of life, I can report that the station is showing healty amounts of traffic outside the hull of the station, If these are Trigs or the original inhabitants? I Couldn’t tell you…

What I CAN tell you is that I could dock in it… Yes It’s as suspect as it sounds but understand that I didn’t trust this place as much as you would. But I had docking rights for some reason… I Fought the Trigs during their initial invasion phases and became no close friend of them, I tried to stop them but it appears after consolidating their holdings they started taking a liking to those that scrapped Rogue Drones and… WelL i guess they figured to leave the door open for me, and that’s about it. Got access to nothing else, couldn’t even leave my own ship… So I just took pictures of the hangers.

Senda Proving Complex Hanger

Senda Proving Complex

I got some pictures and dipped out, Didn’t feel comfortable staying too long, I got what I wanted and now I’m taking a step back from it all to write down this report.

I’m going to be camping out in my Buzzard for the time being. Sure, I could dock up in that Fortizar and probally find a nice resturant and hotel but… Don’t really trust the owners after I make this post, so I’ma trust my gut and get cozy where I am.

I’m doing this in case anyone wants to ask me to do anything while I’m still here. I’m gonna stay here for another day or two while I have the supplies onboard to last, then I’m pulling myself out. I managed to scoop a filament off the station that can return me to a nearby system the Trigs won a minor victory in, so I have my escape route right here.

So if anyone wants to ask anything of me while I’m here, comment or mail me and I’ll see what I can do.

  • Avio

I’d been wondering what it looks like. I have a list of assets which tells me where my stuff is, and I noticed that a station name in Ichoriya, in my old home region of Black Rise, changed to Veles Clade Mutaplasmid Farm, but since I haven’t gone out of my way to aid the Collective, it would be difficult for me to get in and see if anything looks different. I wonder what the other station in the system is now called.

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I got an image of a curious growth there, just before the gates were closed and triglavians have completely taken over the place.

Who knows how it looks now.


Well could always look around and maybe get lucky and find a wormhole leading into it… Sadly I can’t use the gates in here, so If I wanted to go anywhere else, I’d need to do that myself and hope it pops me out where I wanna be. Lucky enough to have gotten Senda.

… Lemme explain. I Been a little naughty since my last post.

In my boredom of just camping out in this system and finding the presence of a Freeport fascinating. It got me thinking a lot about how the economy of this new region functions and operates.

Coming from Venal and learning markets out there, I’m someone who knows how fringe markets can work on the frontier. I understand the difficulties in industry, logistics and convenience.

I understand what people would be willing to pay for…

So i scouted the regional market and found myself spotting some criminally low prices on some goods scattered though out the market. People charging phat stacks of goods for prices you’d find in Jita and I couldn’t let that opportunity to go to waste.

So I started investing a bunch of ISK into the markets out here, buying up entire markets on certain goods that were either low or came off as hot sellers for this kind of environment and shot up the prices a bit.

I came into this system with a unarmed exploration vessel, a buzzard. I’m in no postilion to to start going on some one-man-army crusade in this system, but what I do have is the knowledge of playing these kinds of markets. So while I’m here I’m going to wage my own war, economically.

I can tell from what I studied out here is that Raravoss appears to be the defacto trade hub, with Suddenly Spaceships operating a Freeport in the area much like the one in Senda.

Signs like it being the only place to buy compressed ore like Veld, Scordite and so forth can be bought at, ontop of that I was finding more than enough buy orders from that side of the region when looking though the listing.


The other station is a Veles Clade Extractive Terminus.

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Patronage is patronage, I suppose.

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I became witness to one of these Rogue Drone " Progenitor" in orbit of Senda VIII not too long ago. Frankly troubling sight, more so when i don’t have a ship that can fight back, but thankfully I DID have a cloak… These Progenitors look like a flying hive, like a literal hive that you’d find anywhere else in deadspace, but with all the capabilities of a carrier. It’s expected but still very unsettling to see.

Think it was just patrolling, Didn’t interact with the planet in any way. Just went with it’s business.

I’ve seen (and picked though) wreckages of other, and much smaller, drones that have been dealt with by the Triglavian patrols. Given that My entrance was found in the Drone Regions, It’s not hard to figure out that’s how most of these Rogue Drones got in here. Unless of course they were in hiding the whole time.

Not a really eventful update, I’m aware all of this is old news at this point.


Alright, so seems like my entry to the Trig markets is bearing some fruit! Still deep in the hole investment wise, but I’m starting to see sales here and there between Senda and Raravoss, which appears to be the real center of trade for Pochven.

I’ve since returned to Venal, I still have responsibilities out here that I need to attend to. But I’m curious about finding more entries into the region so I can scout out other colonies… As well as for soft targets on the markets to exploit.

Maybe I’ll end up just rebranding this thread entirely, time will tell.


I’m just gonna call this thread “Eyes on Pochven” from now on. Easier that way. Also So i can open the floor for anyone else to put in their sightings.

  • Avrasaras Star

Filaments going into the region are more common than ever before on the market, so figured there’s no better way to get back in the region and get more intel on what’s up, search for more colonies. This time, I’ve landed up in Arvasaras, another former system of the Caldari State and home to two temperates worlds, several occupied stations and some interesting Lava worlds.

  • Arvasaras III

  • Arvasaras IV

I’m not the only one noticing something funny about these planets, right? The surface of these worlds seems entirely smoldered, very few pockets of actual lava emitting from the surfaces of these worlds. I looked at examples in K-space and could see these worlds should appear way more fiery than what I’m seeing here.

  • Arvasaras VII

Moving onto this Ice world example, it appears “stressed”, but I made sure to compare this with a few examples in Venal and found a few worlds that shared the stressed out look. I’ll need to find more ice worlds out here to see if there’s a trend.

  • Arvasaras I

  • Arvasaras II

Moving onto the temperate worlds, Planets I and II share the same characteristics of temperate worlds in Senda, total blackout on the darkside of the planet. I tried digging for colonies and only managed to find one on the surface of Planet I

  • Avrasaras I Colony

Still no means of doing any evac work with my equipment. Though with filaments becoming way more obtainable, it wouldn’t be too difficult to get in and out.

  • Arvasaras II - Moon 3 - Veles Clade Proving Complex

Moving onto the stations, this “Proving Complex” was once a Wiyrkomi Peace Corps testing facility. As we’ll later theorize, good chance with this asset the Trigs have gained access to some prototype tech the Peace Corps were testing here. No telling what kind of priority the station held, so won’t assume much more.

  • Arvasaras IV - Moon 15 - Veles Clade Semiosis Theater

Formerly a CONCORD bureau, at a glance I wouldn’t think to much about the Trigs taking over some bureaucratic infrastructure - Then again there’s no telling what kind of database CONCORD had stored in this station that the Trigs could be tapping into. Could be safe to assume CONCORD wiped the place before evacuating it, but certainly a place to be holding a lot of information on colonies and individuals

  • Arvasaras II - Moon 1 - Veles Clade Extractive Terminus

A former production plant for the Sukuuvestaa Corporation, this is a bit straight forward, no real secerts to hide - It’s just a big ol’ factory for the Trigs to start using to churn out new ships or equipment. All the stations in this system have industrial capabilities for Capsuleers in the Collective’s good graces,
but I’m willing to bet this station particular has much smaller hardware packed inside it to make smaller products and have the storage space to put it all. For sure a component in the Collective’s new industry sector.

That’s it for this report, Will report back later with anymore sightings.

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Arvasaras. That is a name that brings back memories, at least for me.

As I recall, this was one of the earlier systems, before EDI capsuleers developed some of the more effective tactics. I flew a Praxis-model battleship, Reckoning, armed with 1400-caliber artillery rather than the railguns I’d later adopt. This was certainly one of the more difficult fights for our side.

As we fought there, intel filtered through from AEGIS that another system had been invaded as well. Many of the capsuleers who’d stepped up into leadership quickly decided that the other system had more strategic value. I cannot recall their exact reasoning, but it seemed sound. We also realized that the Kybernauts would quickly win the system and redeploy in force to the new conflict unless something was done.

We had to divide their strength. There was little time to contemplate how, and the strategic value of this other system dictated we send our best forces. It was easy for me to decide I would be the one to lead the rearguard. With a lack of experience and a wealth of sheer determination, I would do more good here, forcing the Kybernauts to keep pressing their advance or lose their ground.

It was with heavy heart that I eventually ordered a withdrawal, and with heavy heart I am reading this report. Even so, I must thank you for it.


Reporting back in, this time I ended up In Harva, formally a system apart of the wider Domain network, now territory to the “Svavog” Clade. One system out from their chosen capable of Niarja.

This report is going to be a little uneventful, but I did gather data I felt was useful, including of which a new method of scouting out these planets in system.

I got ahold of a Crow and rigged it purely for speed, Can hit up to 5038 m/s, which makes orbital scouting of these planets much much easier. And thankfully, Harva was infact home to one Temperate world.

Harva IV

I burned out to be right behind the planet and got a complete shot of the surface on the darkside of the planet. However, like most of the planets before, there’s just nothing… No lights or semblance of human civilization to be found. I even couldn’t find any P.I colonies that were still giving off a signal. Then again, I did opt out for a interceptor instead of a exploration frigate. I’m even more poorly equiped to ever establish contact plantside.

I’m growing more and more concerned with the fate of any colonists in these occupied systems… It could all merely be a power-outage rather than complete annihilation of the residents. That still is a massive problem in itself if entire cities are without utilities like electricity

Harva II

Next up, I checked out a plasma world that the system was home to, Harva II. Immediately the surface of the planet looked off to me, it shows similarities to the Lava worlds I’ve previously scouted out in Arvasaras.

I looked at other plasma worlds nearby in the Domain region for point of reference and… I have to say that this world should be displaying way more energy and life than it is here. The entire thing looks suffocated and is slowly but surely gonna dry up.

Not sure what else to say on it

Charra Gate

The gate in system that - Previously - led to the Charra system.Once again, nothing differnt than the examples I showed with Senda, it’s a star gate with some crystal swollen to size in the center to ‘jam’ it. Looking closely at this gate, I got the impression that nothing was done to the gate itself, it looks very much in working condition with nothing broken or snapped up.

It’s just the crystal that’s the problem… Might be obvious that THIS is the source of the disruption and there must be a way to see to it’s removal… I highly doubt the Triglavians intended this to be some permanent blockage, but maybe they themselves can remove. Maybe even open up the gate and lead an invasion from there… Who knows.

Well that’s it for Harva, stay tuned for other reports.


I think there are decent chances they intentionally shut off all their lights to make themselves less compelling targets for triglavian forces in the area. Lights are basically a big “shoot at me” signal, so going dark at night is a fairly wise survival strategy. The survivors and refugees I’ve been in contact with on Skarkon II have all been running dark at night with lights off or windows painted over to stop them from being spotted from space by hostile forces.

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I wont rule out the possibility.

However I wanna say if that really doesn’t do that much against the Triglavians. They’ve been here for weeks now, even during their initial occupation phases. By now I’ve figured they’ve fully scouted out and scanned down these worlds so that no colony would hide from them.

Already reports of civilian centers being taken completely over and guerrilla conflicts in urban environments… Is shutting off your lights really gonna “hide” your entire colony from them? Sure might help individual colonists when they’re IN your city already.

No way this is what colonists all over in occupied systems are doing and tricking the Triglavians with. These people will still find their homes sooner or later if they’re in a densely populated area.


Ended up In Nani, a system former apart of the Lonetrek region. And a system i have some minor history with.

Nothing of major note in this system due to a lack of temperate worlds, aside from a few of the occupied stations.

Nani I - Svaro Clade Extractive Terminus.jpg

Formerly a warehouse station for the Federation’s Aliastra corporation, the Triglavians appear to be using the storage space of this facility to be a drop off point for resources they’ve gathered in system. Though I do hear that the Trigs are also dropping off spoils from raids in their “Forests of Glorification”.

Nani V - Moon 18 - Svarog Clade Bioadaption Chambers

Formerly a Poteque Pharmaceutical biohazard containment facility, The trigs are now calling this a “Bioadaption Chamber” which based off the reports of civlian populations being bioadapted to deal with the increasingly harsh environments. this must one of the places the Collective is assimilating the local populations of their new region.

Knowing Poteque Pharmaceuticals, these stations potentially got some state of the art medical equipment to help with the process, but it sounds like they got chambers established to mold ‘visitors’ to their intended environment. Not much Intel beyond that.

Nani VIII - Moon 2 - Svarog Clade Mutaplasmid Farm

Another former station belonging to the Poteque Pharmaceutical company, unlike the fate of the former station, this one is more suited towards “Farming” mutaplasmids, which I’m assuming are the same mutaplasmids we’d be looting from Abyssal deadspace sites, but I’m almost certain mutaplasmids cover way much more than just ship modules. And before you ask, no, they ain’t got none of this stuff for sale.

Nani IV - moon 2 - The Convocation of Triglav Semiosis Theater

Last on the list we got this “Semiosis theater”. Used to be property of the Aliastra corporation, another warehouse occupied by the Collective, unlike the previous stations we’ve covered however, this one doesn’t belong to the Svarog Clade… This one is property of the Convocation of Triglav, which i’m assuming is some centralized governing body among the Clades.

Which leads me to believe this station is being repurposed as some diplomatic platform between the Clades. Certainly got the space for it, just clear out the storage rooms and put some desks and chairs… Or whatever the Trigs use, and you’ll have a spacious enough place to discuss whatever it is Trigs discuss…

Now, that’s about all I have to show, but I wanna leave off this post with a couple pictures of all the planets in system. I said there’s no temperate worlds, but I wanna collect an archive of all the planets here to refer back to for trends on how these worlds are holding up under their new condition.

Nani I

Nani II

Nani III

Nani IV

Nani V

Nani VI

Nani VII


All for now, will report back in another time.


The notion that settlements have turned their lights off to avoid being spotted and attacked by Triglavian elements, is one of the most asinine “theories” that I’ve ever seen on the IGS.

We’re not dealing with pre-spaceflight primitive aircraft that rely solely on the eyesight of their crews to acquire targets here. We’re talking about advanced space and atmospheric craft fitted with sensors going beyond the visual segment of the EM spectrum, and similarly equipped ground forces.

“Turning the lights off”. Absolutely Ludicrous.


Wishful thinking perhaps?

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Part of me hopes to stumble across “HELP” spelled out in lights… Hell, just having a few lights on would certainly be a way of signaling to people looking for them that they’re still alive down there and need rescue.

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This would certainly complicate that. Ticker in the latest Scope release.

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Yeah, so glad the kybers were right about the Trigs being all about liberation and not at all a bunch of violence-obsessed forced-mutation-pushing murdercultists. :roll_eyes: