Fabuleux has been kidnapped!

(Jason Galente) #61

I also visited the container, and it appears it was launched by a Mr. Repak Balas, purportedly of Intaki Commerce.


Someone call Muck Raker.

(Omega Jovakko) #62

This is /highly/ unusual. wasn’t Mr. Balas one of the victims of the kidnapping?

I theorize, If Mr. balas was indeed one of the individuals to jettison the container, then the body is either one of the assailants, or perhaps Mr. Fabuleux.

Either way, I would love the chance to explore that experimental carrier

(Julianni Avala) #63

After notifying the next of kin, I am now able to confirm that the body found within the container was that of Mister Repak Balas. Cause of death is being determined, and an autopsy will be conducted.

More information will be provided at a later time in the form of a press conference with our news outlet, I-RCN.

(Omega Jovakko) #64

Uh, well I’m lost, I have no idea what could be happening here.

(Aldrith Shutaq) #65

Oh dear… seems they mean business.

I will pray that this situation is resolved with a minimal loss of life.

(Omega Jovakko) #66

I’m willing to join the execution squad this group will face for these actions.

(Jason Galente) #67

I mean, I’ll help look for the remaining people, I guess. I live here, and in between fleets… I don’t have much better to do. Could poke around in a Cov Ops.

Alright, fine, I’ll admit it. I like Fabuleux.

Anyway, due to the nature of the incident, is it possible that Mr. Balas was ejecting himself from a ship, hence he was identified as the owner of the container, and was found within it?

(Omega Jovakko) #68

My question would be then, who left the message to us with the location and passcode for the container? Could it have been a distress signal?

Perhaps he was trying to escape and called for help. But there’s not really a way to survive in those containers, right? so he must’ve known he only had so long.

Perhaps there was something on his person that could help. If I were to put myself in that situation, or even if I were placed in such a situation i’d leave SOMETHING behind to assist

(Jason Galente) #69

Wouldn’t the only person in such a situation who would know the password, be the person inside it, if it was indeed an escape pod?

My ship wasn’t equipped to analyze the container, and I wasn’t equipped to board it. So perhaps the next move should be sending a small team to determine the nature of the container (Luckily I resisted the urge to impulsively destroy it), if it was capable of supporting life, which would support the theory that this was an escape pod, and that Mr. Balas sent a distress signal with the code… otherwise, perhaps he was dumped in that container by the killer, and the killer then shared the code.

An autopsy would help too, cause of death can tell one quite a bit.

(Omega Jovakko) #70

By your theory,

Either A. Victim was utilizing the container/pod as an escape device, sent a distress call to inform everyone of his location, passed away during (Or before), and was found.

Or B. Was placed in container, and the password was shared publicly as a warning/message.

Personally I believe it was the first theory more than the second, however I cannot be sure without a bit more info.

I’d like to believe that once the autopsy report is released we’ll know enough to stake a hypothesis on whether or not he was placed, or willingly moved himself into it. Which will give us a better insight to the intentions of the captors.

How long do you think it’ll take for the report to be released? and may I request a copy? @Julianni_Avala

Also are we to believe that there were 5 people aboard, not counting Ms. Mahom and security, all of whom were prominent figures and not a single person carried an emergency transponder? or personal tracking device for authorities?

(Slayer Liberator) #71

Based on how professionally the attackers preformed the kidnapping, they would have disabled anything like that.

(Unauthorized User) #72


[Repak] “What is this?”

[Female] “Mr.Balas, I need you to read this.”

[Repak] “I’m not reading anything until I get some answers!”

[Female] “Mr.Balas I need you to start reading”

[Sharp exhale]

[Five seconds of silence]

[Female] “Mr.Balas I-”

[Repak] “Can you just give me a ■■■■■■■ moment, please?”

[Ten seconds of silence]

[Repak sighing]

[Repak] “Hello. My name Is Repak Delton Balas. I’m a trade representative for the Intaki commerce. This is a message to those I care for…”

[Female] “You’re doing great”

[Repak] “My colleagues I work with…My business associates. My friends and family. Currently I’m alive and with my captors who shall remain…Unknown."

[Anxious deep breath from Repak]

[Repak] “To my wife Jeyna…Who’s Hair is as golden as all of the Amarr e-”

[Fist slammed on metal table]

[Repak] “What the ■■■■ is this!? Why are you making me read this!? How do you know about her?!”

[Female] “Mr.Balas I need you to keep reading”

[Repak] “No, f-f-■■■■ you people! I’m not reading anymore! You can’t make me!”

[Watery inhale]

[Repak] “P-Please don’t make me…”

[Female] “Mr.Balas I need you to keep reading.”

[Five seconds of Repak sobbing lightly]

[Female] “Mr.Balas we can’t continue past this until you finish reading”

[Seven seconds of Repak taking deep breaths]

[Repak] “A-And to my Daughter…Emili…Who’s smile can only be bought with affection…I…”

[Repak chokes on his words and sharply exhales]

[Three seconds of silence]

[Repak] “I regret to inform you both - despite how badly you want me…h-home. That my captors currently have n- Oh you gotta be shitting me…”

[Female] “Mr.Balas I nee-”

[Repak] “What the ■■■■ do you mean you have no demands?! What the ■■■■ is this all for?! Why do you want me?!”

[Five seconds of Repak fighting the urge to start sobbing]

[Repak] “Please! I can get you whatever you want! Money, drugs, ships - whatever you want! Just pleaaaasssseee! Tell me what this about!

[Repak sobbing]

[Repak] “Please! I just want to go home…I’ll do anything!”

[Repak sobbing and whimpering]

[Female] “Mr.Balas…I need you to keep reading”

[Repak continues crying]

[Female] “Mr.Balas?”

[Repak continues crying. More intensely]

[Female] “Alright, we got enough.”


(Sterling Blades) #73

Oh dear…

(Jason Galente) #74

I’m starting to wonder if we’re dealing with serial killers. But I doubt a serial killer would have the resources and friends required to pull this off.

(Omega Jovakko) #75

They had no need of him from the beginning, they did their research.

I think they’re looking for something, something mr. Repak didn’t have. once they realized this, they disposed of him, but not before they took the time to have him record a message to his family. You don’t do that when you lack compassion. I don’t think this was Valkyrie anymore.

(Clance Gogne) #76

[Link is for context, not IC knowledge…Unless you’re a Valkyrie]

Oh, You don’t think this was the Valkyrie anymore? Why?

Because they could do no wrong? They’re just sweet little angels that go around do heroic deeds? You don’t think they would fall to such disgraceful lows?

Well, you’re as gullible as Capsuleers come. I’ve dealt with theses Valkyrie for a good while now. I can safely say that this is well within their realm of possibility.

This doubt you feel is exactly what they want you to feel. This way there’s a better chance they can get away with this harrowing act. You need to keep looking at them until you get some evidence to prove they’re not involved besides “They are being evil so this can’t be the Valkyrie!” - because as it stands right now, those were Valkyrie vessels that were spotted attacking that yacht. Those were Valkyrie soldiers that kidnapped those VIPs and terrorized the guests.

But where are my manners? I’ve yet to introduce myself. My name is Clance Gogne. I represent a party that is quite related to the Valkyrie. ANd yes i know what you’re thinking “This man looks like he’s had a whole ■■■■■■■ lot of people killed” And you be right because i have had a whole ■■■■■■■ lot of people killed - but I’m honest about it.

I wouldn’t make some ■■■■■■■■ mystery behind it. I’d tell you it was me. Because then my name would be on your lips. That’s what i want, my name out there.

(Omega Jovakko) #77

Oh, and like clockwork.

I should’ve been clearer, I no longer think it was solely Valkyrie, thank you for sending yourself out to reveal just how passionate and violent you are.

Tell me, who do you believe could’ve done this?

(Clance Gogne) #78

Again, I like to be honest. Also not like I’m violent for the hell of it. Violence is just a means of getting something done when negotiations fail. Violence can be expensive or cheap. A gamble that you don’t want to take as your first resort.

As for who could’ve done This? I have not a clue truth be told. Do I think it was the Valkyire? Yes I do…Of course I have no proof besides what you all have. But of course maybe it isn’t the mainstream Valkyire? Maybe it’s a rogue carrier? Ran Kavik after all is a rookie to leading a army. She has no experience leading a force the size of the Valkyire.

So maybe the Valkyire aren’t responsible. Maybe its just Kavik doesn’t have a grip on the Valkyire like everyone believes. Afterall they’re nothing but traitors. It’s in their nature…

(Omega Jovakko) #79

Perhaps it would be wise to make some inquiries, I’m sure that while the Valkyrie are strong, they wouldn’t want undue attention.

(Clance Gogne) #80

Attention is all the Valkyire want. Their leader Ran Kavik prattles on about reputation all the time. “Life beyond death” or some cliche ■■■■■■■■ like that

Maybe this incident was them trying to bill themshelves as dangerous cutthroat pirates. Have a reputation that can send a chill down a Capsuleer’s spine. But they gotta do something “different” to get that reaction. Wiping out fleets of Baseliners or raiding bases is something Capsuleers do daily. So they gotta do something a litte…“unique”