Fabuleux has been kidnapped!

(Clance Gogne) #101

Oh so you’re one of those types that gets triggered when someone claims a Capsuleer is “immortal”?

I just used immortals as catch all for those that utilize cloning tech. The ground pounders, Capsuleers and the newest addition to the family - The cloned fighter pilots.

Calm your tits, immortal

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #102

Triggered? I’d say I’m pretty calm about most things, including my place in the Universe. I’d say you were the one who seemed ‘triggered’ for some reason.

Immortality is a popular misconception anyway, it’s more of a digital replication of a mind than true immortality (since any clone user does die, usually fairly often). It might be better described as serial mortality :smiley:

Are you a Valkyrie pilot then? I must confess I know very little about those.

(Valerie Valate) #103

Well this thread has turned stranger than I had expected.

Most confusing, indeed.


(Clance Gogne) #104

My arguement is that someone is more likely to underatand what im refering to when i say “Immortal” than “serial mortal” it’s easier this way.

Moving on from that…

I’m not a pilot. However I’m a commander of a supercarrier’s worth of cloned fighter pilots. We’re not the Valkyire. But we are the creators of all the tech they abuse.

We’re Schism.

…i got tired of saying organization

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #105

OK, I just read up on your organization’s background. I’d say your reaction to the Valkyrie ‘abusing’ your tech is a bit rich to say the least. I try not to take sides in most situations, but I have to say I can fully understand the Valkyrie response to your organization.

However this is derailing the thread and I have no wish for any disagreement here to detract from others efforts to investigate this kidnapping.

(Clance Gogne) #106

Yes learn one side of the story and immedtaily run away before hearing the other…

Right the investigation. Schism can fulfil a interesting role in this investigation by being equipped to take a uh “investigation” directly to the Valkyrie doorstep. Pirate justice is so much fun…

I think it should be worth noting while still trying to decide if the Valkyire are behind the kidnapping. That recently we had a engagement that ended with one of my pilots being kidnapped. Right in the middle of the fight. The Valkyrie just disabled his craft and dragged him off…

Something to consider if you want to doubt if the Valkyire are behind this…

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #107

Wait, your pilot was a famous Fashion designer too? Otherwise all I see is conjecture, and it’s not as if you wouldn’t benefit from the blame being laid at the Valkyrie’s door.

What would the Valkyrie gain from this action?

(Clance Gogne) #108

That’s what I’m trying to figure out.

I was baited into that fight. I was foolish enough to believe in some Amarrian holder building some extravagant tomb in a wormhole. Something about having a foothold in the territory of the Empire’s fearsome foe. The drifters…it was all a lie and i thought was true. I get im guilibe too. But By the time I xame around to the truth…They snatch my pilot up. This being recent to the news of the kidnapping you’re all discussing?

Just felt as if there was a connection…Afterall il be fair and ask “Why do the Valkyrie want a Fashion Designer”…Why are the Valkyrie snatching my pilot? Sure I have some Valkyrie in my care. But I’ve not received any demands for their release. I’d hand over theses nobodies for my best pilot in a heartbeat. They know this yet I’ve not gotten any demands.

Do I think the Valkyrie are behind this? Yes I do. But there are other alternatives. I suggested before, that a Valkyrie carrier possibly went rogue.

You people want to see theses hostages released. I want my pilot back…and the bounty.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #109

That sounds very much like there is someone in the background trying to play you off against each other, and also bring the Empires into the conflict too.

The Valkyrie are a military organization and as such you would think a prisoner exchange would be high on their list, whereas having someone available to design them a lovely Cuban heel for their combat armour would not.

(Jev North) #110

Well, I don’t know – “fashion” is the only sane answer I could come up with why their helmets have blank, armored face plates, and those fighters of theirs windows.

(Clance Gogne) #111


I’ve been contacted by a elusive figure recently. It happened during that engagement. Awhile before my pilot got grabbed.

We were anchored up on our wornhole’s entrance entrance. I was sending my pilots in to secure that tomb for me. Then three battleships show up. Tactical camera showed they worn markings that tied them to a cult of Sansha obsessed freaks that we’ve encountered in another wormhole conflict prior to this one. Theses cultist kidnap people to offer up to Nation as tribute…earn Kuvakei’s favor before they accend into unity…So, another suspect. But they don’t have access to super carriers. Let alone experimental fighters.

Theses bastards fit their ships with EMP smartbomb’s. Any fighter we send after them is sure to get blasted by one. After which they tractor the ship in. Yank our pilots out and jettison the ship. They’ve hit both us and the Valkyire. So I didn’t attack them. I just stopped launching fighters and watched them. They eventually left and a minute after doing so. I get a comms invite.

Thinking it was theses cultists I accept and I’m instead greeted by some journalist. He represented some news board over the dark net called “Outlaw headlinea” and wanted a response on the sighting of theses cultists. First I wanted to know who the he’ll he was before speaking with him. Told me to just to give a statement and he would tell me…so I play along

He hangs up as soon as I give him what he wants and publishes it…I don’t know who he is or how he knows about this cult we’ve been dealing with. But certainly he’s that “someone in the background” you speak of

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #112

My guess would be that the Sansha people are interested in your technology, perhaps they want their own clone pilots for fighters? As for Fabuleux does he have any background connection to yourselves or the Valkyrie? Or was he just collected up as collateral along with the Intaki folks who may be their real targets.

(Loai Qerl) #113

I’ve been following these developments and oh it is the WORST, my heart goes to the Balas family, and to Lindra, and to the rest of Fabuleux’s associates.

I would like to formally offer sponsorship to Fabuleux for capsuleer training and eventual encapsulation, in the event that he still lives and can be found and is, you know, more or less still himself as opposed to I don’t know, Sansha Kuvakei or a staring-eyed maniac or suddenly terrified of space. He’s a benefit to the cluster, and @Charles_Cambridge_Schmidt needs a nemesis.

(Clance Gogne) #114

Your guess is as good as mine, friend.

(Lindra Mahom) #115


Something has just happened at our Design offices. Our staff is a little shooken up but nobody is harmed. It occurred while i was briefing Hosey, one of our most qualified tailors, on Fabuleux’s design plans. We only had a few more orders from clients left to fulfill before our backlog was cleared up. Hosey has been working non-stop since Fabuleux’s capture to ensure that our deadlines are met.

I was pacing back and forth while reading off what the client liked, what kind of cultural influence they wanted, and some personal notes Fabuleux made. We’ve reached a bit of a roadblock as we were waiting on a delayed delivery of gemstones. Normally our supplier is never this late but there was a considerable length of time before the package showed up. An hour late, one of our interns finally brings in a jewelry box. This is standard packaging. Our supplier is very high-end.

The intern attempts to mention something but Hosey hushes her and tells her to leave. The man hasn’t slept for two days at this point. He rushes over to the table to place the box down. I turned around just as he opens it and I hear this slam noise right behind me. I snap back around and see Hosey just standing there, frozen. He turns around to me and he is noticeably pale. As if he seen a ghost. He opens his mouth to speak, chokes and rushes out of the room.

I approach the table and get a closer look at the jewelry box. It looks normal on the surface. But, i notice it’s “shaking” like something was inside. I felt compelled to open it. I had to know what gave Hosey that kind of reaction. I figured something was in there that could be linked to Fabuleux. It was my job to be on top of that. So i had to open it. I had to know.

I place my hand on the lid and felt a “pulse”. I had to be brave to face what was inside, so I took a deep breath and tossed the lid up. I was horrified by the sight… It was a beating heart! With tubes and wires coming out of it into some machinery that made up the bedding of the box. I screamed and stepped back as far as I could. Then I saw that symbol again. Etched under the lid was that same Winged skull staring back at me. Underneath it were the words “Life beyond death”.

A intern came rushing in. I tell them to call the police. We’ve currently evacuated the upper levels in case that it’s a explosive. The situation is currently in the hands of the authorities.

(Valerie Valate) #116


Why did nothing this exciting happen in the world of fashion, back when I was a hand model for a Delve-based jewellery company ?

(Loai Qerl) #117

Modern medicine is wonderful you know, even if it’s his he is probably still fine! An astounding number of people carry on with no hearts at all.

(Jason Galente) #118

Who are you?

(Jason Galente) #119

This heart device… which station is it in exactly?

(Clance Gogne) #120

[Link for context. Not IC knowledge unless you’re a Valkyire]

As said before my name is Clance Gogne. I’m a commander within the ranks of Schism . I’m here to assist in this investigation into the Valkyrie’s involvement in the matter. You’ll find that we’rethe best equipped to deal with them directly should we find damanble evidence to prove they were behind this.

…Then again it’s not like I’m not attacking them directly already. But I like to think of it as finding evidence my own way.

But don’t let the cologne give you the wrong impression. I’m on your side