Fabuleux has been kidnapped!

(Lindra Mahom) #121

This happened planetside. Ardene VII in the city of Kikos

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #122

Never underestimate the capability of New Eden’s capsuleers for wanton and (un)necessary destruction. In terms of evidence I would prefer it to come from a more…neutral source. No offence but you do have reason to see this as all the Valkyrie’s doing. I fear that could lead to misunderstandings, or conclusions being drawn to early.

(Scipio Artelius) #123

What do we know?

The intern is the only person who we know has handled this box alone.

Therefore: GUILTY

The pig’s heart in the box is a practical joke by the intern to try to lighten the mood.

Just joking.

Current Suspects:

Means: He’s in hiding
Motive: Viral marketing
Opportunity: Clearly, he could kidnap himself at anytime

Means: Access to hired hitmen and/or pinking shears
Motive: Jealousy. Wants to be the #1 designer
Opportunity: Works close enough with Fabuleux that he had plenty of opportunity

Means: Pushed Fabuleux off the yacht. The heart in the box is a fake.
Motive: Is related to designer of rival fashion house. Just trying to help the family
Opportunity: Well he/she’s an intern. They can get anywhere and no one ever notices them

Means: Pushed him off the yacht. Pinking shears. Hitmen.
Motive: Jilted lover. Fabuleux has never responded to her sexual advances, because she’s the wrong gender.
Opportunity: No one has more access to Fabuleux than his “trusted assistant”

My bet is on Lindra. Sex (or lack of here) is always the root cause in these things.

(Omega Jovakko) #124

So does this mean I’m executing the intern?

(Scipio Artelius) #125

All of them, you know…just to be certain you got the culprit.

(Omega Jovakko) #126

Got it, Getting the Titan, we’ll just doomsday.

(Lindra Mahom) #127

My relationship with Fabuleux is purely a business one. I’m loyal to my employers so they can depend on me in the worst situations possible.

There is no “wrong gender” for Fabuleux either. Months back he revealed the triangle relationship with a heterosexual couple.

While I understand your need to be skeptical. I will stand my ground and poke what holes I can into your theory behind my suppose motives.

(Sterling Blades) #128

Ms. Mahom, they are, as far as I can tell, engaging in some level of dark humor at the expense of those currently involved. If they are being serious, then their evidence is only conjectural and not grounds for any actual action as yet.

(Clance Gogne) #129

Given how you had to go on the Galnet to find the Valkyrie’s sob story before you knew anything about them. I have zero faith in your statement.

You have not a clue what you’re in for if you go chasing Valkyire super carriers…Thats right. Super carriers. You got the kind of firepower to take one down? One that’s modified front and back? Filled with Fighters that you don’t even see in absurd sifi holo-vids.

(Valerie Valate) #130

L E W D ! :scream:

(Sterling Blades) #131

Mr. Gogne, let’s refrain from the topic becoming derailed once again.

(Scipio Artelius) #132

Just what the guilty would claim.

Same as what someone innocent would write too, but I’m going with guilty.

You seem all too together emotionally for such a stressful situation.

Way too logical, calculated and some might say, cold.

I suspect you know more than you let on.

(Clance Gogne) #133

I hardly think I’m derailing the topic…The Valkyrie are a prime suspect in this kidnapping. And some of you Capsuleers think you got what it takes to deliver a fight right to their doorstep should evidence come out that their behind it. I’m telling you have no idea what you’re all in for. This is treat assessment

I’m here to be a solution if thats the case. So you Capsuleers don’t run off and get your shiny ships blown up

(Lindra Mahom) #134

That doesn’t seem like the case

I have to stay as calm as i possibly can and rely coherent information. I’m of no use If I’m a flustered mess. I was trained to do this back in the agency Fabuleux hired me from. We have stress training.

But I am troubled by the events going on. This symbol haunts me. First ships wearing it show up, then soldiers with guns come in and wave them in my face wearing that symbol. Now i see a living beating heart with that symbol in vicinity. Deep down I’m terrified of theses “Valkyire”

But theres no use if i let that fear overcome me

(Scipio Artelius) #135

The Valkyrie’s are nothing more than fighter pilots.

Capsuleers can take them out with interceptors even.

The only issue is the forever war it might become because we’re all immortals.

But bahhhhh, Valkyries are nothing compared to us. I mean, they actually fly their own ships manually.

I might consider hiring them as crew, but they are no higher up the pecking order than Fedos (they probably smell worse too).

(Clance Gogne) #136

I look forward to watching the loss reports come up on your killboard…

(Sterling Blades) #137

Many of us are aware of the fact that they deploy from a modified supercarrier, we may not know the exact specifications of the modifications, but anyone who would directly go after it, would likely bring a respectable counter force of standard capitals and supercapitals to bare if they were to track down and pin it.

On a separate note however, most of the evidence is still circumstantial, and while the evidence does currently point toward the valkyrie, there is still not enough for a truly damning conviction.

The Outlaw Headlines is also another notable suspect itself, with how the body of Repak Belas was… brought to us, and even with you disavowing the Schism organization of involvement, you are not fully ruled out either.

(Clance Gogne) #138

Absolutely keep my organization in mind. I’m not gonna be a hypocrite after spouting how the Valkyrie are a suspect. All i can say is that we had nothing to do with this.

Of course, Evidence will prove that. So i want to help find some. It just so happens I’m already going after Valkyrie targets. Not exactly to find a Fashion designer just…Business as usual. Hopefully i can stumble across that evidence we all need and want.

(Scipio Artelius) #139

I could die a million times over and I would only be just as I am now.

Much better than being a traitor to my own kind.

Someone should corrupt your clones. You don’t deserve the title of capsuleer.

(Clance Gogne) #140


I’m not a Capsuleer.

So hah!