Fabuleux has been kidnapped!

(Scipio Artelius) #141

These communication channels are only accessible to graduates of the capsuleer program.

In your case, Caldari Science and Trade.

I do agree you are no capsuleer though. Filthy traitor.

(Sterling Blades) #142

Actually, Mr. Artelius, anyone with the proper wealth can gain a communications license to the IGS, not just capsuleers. We simply gain access by default of being capsuleers.

Fabuleaux was not a capsuleer, Ms. Mahom is not a capsuleer, and Mr. Gogne is not a capsuleer.

Now, I believe this is starting to get into the territory of derailment, so let us refocus

(Clance Gogne) #143

Explain how Fabuleux and Lindra are here then…

Now, if you’re from the Caldari State. It would be appropriate to call me a Filthy Traitor. But if not, then calling me a traitor is ineffective

(Scipio Artelius) #144

I’m Gallente. All Caldari are traitors.

As for Linda and Fabuleux, as above…she knows more than she’s letting on.

(Clance Gogne) #145

Hey now - Not all Caldari

(Scipio Artelius) #146

History says otherwise:


(Sterling Blades) #147

Now, you are reaching far into the point of derailment Mr. Artelius. We are not here to debate the merits and demerits of historical greivances.

I point Mr. Gogne to the above as well, to prevent further pushing, on either side, away from the actual topic at hand.

(Scipio Artelius) #148

I agree.

This thread is about Fabuleux.

Unfortunately, a capsuleer claiming not to be is hard to pass over. He should go biomass and beg for the Valkyrie to take him.

(Lasairiona Raske) #149

All this debate gives me a headache.

Is there any concrete update?

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #150

You misunderstand me, firstly I am not a combat pilot, I’m a scientist. Secondly I know of (and know personally) many combat pilots who will go after supercarriers just for the fun of it. You mentioned previously about the dubious sanity of capsuleers. I have lived and worked alongside many and I can tell you now when it comes to my kind you have no idea just how insane they can be.

Basically in military terms it would be a mistake to believe any ship to be invulnerable (or even super hard to kill). We have seen time and again how such odds have been overcome in surprising and inventive ways.

That aside, back to the misunderstanding. I was not questioning your ability to find evidence, or even wether this is the Valkyrie or not. I was pointing out that you are not what would generally be considered in impartial source of information against the Valkyrie. Any evidence would need to come from independent sources to be considered unbiased.

This is no slight against your character or abilities, merely an observation that any competent lawyer would likely discredit evidence from yourselves in very short order.

With regards to this I find myself leaning towards this being a set up of the Valkyrie. There is a lot of effort going into making it look like the Valkyrie, yet if they wanted it known to be them why would they not simply come out and say it? Why all the theatrics? They strike me as the kind of people who would simply fly up and shoot you in the proverbial face rather than play around with such holohorror antics.

Something just doesn’t add up here and I think you are being played along with everyone else. Is there anyone you can think of that would benefit from yourselves being drawn into this along with the Valkyrie? Do you have any common enemies?

(Jason Galente) #151

Let’s try to reserve this thread for parties with evidence leading to the capture of the suspects or finding of the remaining victims. I don’t think we have much more time.

(Clance Gogne) #152

Let me say i appreciate the clarification. I apologize for my attitude towards you in our previous posts. So lets move forward with a clean slate.

To answer your question, no. Besides that Sansha cult we’ve been encountering there isn’t any other force out there that is directly involved with us. Though i keep forgetting about those “defects” that are stumbling about out there…

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #153

I think that warrants some looking into then. Are there any other more odd than usual Sansha activities being reported elsewhere? Could be a dead end but at least it’s something to follow whilst waiting for any other developments/evidence.

(Tannia Ambrye) #154

Mmm, that has all the earmarks of a exciting Murder Mystery…

It would be trite to treat this as such though and I’m sure the reality is horrific for the actual victims, whether or not Fabuleux is one of them. My deepest sympathies to Mr. Balas and his family.

(Slayer Liberator) #155

I was a clone soldier so I died between 20 and 100 times a day and I am somehow relatively sane and only mildly sadistic. I can see how cloning can cause that effect however. I remember one of my former associates who apologized to the people he killed after he killed them multiple times.

(Omega Jovakko) #156

I agree, I don’t think we’ll be able to do much from here until we have another update. As much as it bugs me, I believe we might be better off waiting until we hear something from either I-RED or the Captors.

(Clance Gogne) #157

We got something. - (Context - Valkyrie Perspective)

No more than a few hours ago we pick up a distress signal. Who sent it? The name that came up when we checked the I.D was one of the hostages, Detol Desfan.

Now it was sent though one of those handheld distress beacons. Typically theses broadcast on open channels. But this one was directly sent though one of our frequencies. But hold on, gets more shady. We follow signal all the way to a wormhole entrance. Yeah, I’m not sure how a small device like that could get a signal though a wormhole. But…it did. More of a reason to go inside and find out i suppose.

A scout just reported back that he encountered some Valkyrie vessels circling a abandoned structure that the source is coming from. Hiding HVTs in abandoned wormhole structures has kinda become a “trope” among our conflicts. Simply find one with life support and you got a damn good hiding spot. But speaking of scouts - another i had assigned to keeping a eye on Valkyrie movement reported that a carrier was deployed 30 minutes before we got that distress signal. Interesting, right?

So wanna know what I’m thinking? Detol is being held by the Valkyrie. He broke free from where they were holding him. He then recovered his personnel distress beacon he carries for emergencies and activates it. Then the Valkyrie move to reinforce their position in case someone comes hunting that signal down…Like me.

I’m gonna send in some of my employees to “Investigate” the Valkyire presences here and see if we can get inside that structure and find Detol. I will report back if we find anything noteworthy.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #158

Of course if someone were playing you off against each other they would draw you to that WH with a signal just outside it.

It’s just too much of a coincidence and it looks to me as though you are being used. Perhaps you and the Valkyrie are having more of an impact on that cult than you think. How better to thin your numbers than have you fight each other?

(Clance Gogne) #159

That cult is irrelevant. A annoyance, sure. But irrelevant. All they have are a few junkers for cruisers and three dingy battleships. They can kidnap pilots of ours. But without a cloning bay tailored to them or access to the fighters we deploy. They would lose them as quick as the kidnapped them. Oh! And a super carrier to put all that in

At the same time those clones won’t last long. As in the bodies won’t. See the bodies we clone aren’t exactly perfectly durable than the ones you Capsuleers got. Pilots are requires to cycle their clones out to prevent “flutters”. Cramps and eventually expiration. If they do by got a clone bay then any pilot they capture is gonna wither away.

(Clance Gogne) #160

So little update on our end here…The Valkyrie are rather persistent. I’m ensuring my pilots give me 110% effort to remove theses rats off grid long enough to get inside. But, still too hot to move a ship in to board the structure.

But my advisor Yossika found some interesting facts about this structure the beacon signal is coming from. It’s a old control tower - Gallente design. It’s bent like a U for being offline for about two years now and being exposed to the intense gravitational pull it’s moon was putting off. At first i thought it belonged to you Capsuleers before you all moved into your comfy citadels.

But it was actually a smuggling outpost operated by the Intaki Syndiacte. It moved lots of hot items though the wormhole connections that opened in the system. The hottest kind of items coming and going out of here were slaves. Try not to bang your knee on the ceiling Capsuleers…

In YC 117 it was “Unofficially” raided by Black Eagles after the senator of Maut II was mixed in with a bulk kidnapping of civilians. Later sold into slavery and moved though this outpost. Black Eagles went in and raised hell inside as they searched for footsteps. Kinda makes you think don’t it? Here we are looking for footsteps of people kidnapped too…

Being a control tower, there were several structures in orbit of it. Just some arrays that had to have been masking it’s signature. Yossika then gives me the theory that these systems may still be functioning. Maybe that signal we got from the handheld distress beacon was somehow connected to these arrays and boosted their transmission. Think of it like plugging a guitar into a amp.

We may be taking some losses here. But i can promise you Capsuleers that we will run out the Valkyrie defenders and search the tower for our man, or at least clues to where we can find him.