Faction Guns re-customization (on "250mm Railgun" example)

to create more interesting weapon customization options on “Projection-Damage-Ergonomic” scales.
Currently we have bunch of rarely used faction guns. Most of the times they used only because of better fitting. Big potential is wasted.
Some weapons may hit harder, some shoot further, some track better, some fit better, some can be overheated for eternity, some can sustain heat endlessly, some can have bigger ammo hold so no reload is required, some can shoot almost cap-free being hybrids etc…

1)) ALL faction guns now benefits from respective weapon specialization skill (Medium Railgun Specialization).

2)) Bring meaningful variety to the following parameters
Current identical parameters to ALL medium railguns (need to be differentiated):
– Turret Tracking (6,56)
– Accuracy Falloff (12km)
– Rate Of Fire (5,83s)
– Reload Time (5s)
– Capacity (0,5m3)
– Heat Damage (1HP)
– Overload ROF Bonus (-15%)
– Structure Hitpoints (40HP)

– Federation Navy
– Caldari Navy
– Shadow Serpentis
– Dread Guristas
– Storyline (Flintlock)
– T2 (base parameters, ground zero!)

Every faction may have minor differences and one MAJOR difference. MEGA-feature, if you want. Please, read details below!

Federation Navy

(superior firepower)
Its philosophy is COMMITMENT & POWER.

FedNavy railguns shoots really fast (ROF UP!) and have higher overheating ROF bonus [MEGA!], which helps to quickly “burst” target!
To acheive this, It sacrifices some accuracy, though (opt range, tracking), not best for sniping.
Also, it comes with increased heat damage and activation energy cost.
Bigger ammo hold addresses increased charges consumption but on the other hand it requires longer time to reload.

Approx.(!) changes (related from T2!):
– Rate Of Fire: 5,83s => 5,5s? (not sure about the value, but expecting +7% increase in raw DPS on a fitted ship)
– Activation Cost: 7GJ => 8,4GJ
– Capacity: 0,5m3 => 1m3 (twice as big but doubles reload time!)
– Reload Time: 5s => 10s (bigger ammo hold)
– Heat Damage: 1HP => 1,75HP (burn-out faster!)
– [MEGA!] Overload ROF Bonus: 15% => 25%
– Optimal Range: 28,8km => 24km
– Turret Tracking: 6,56 => 6

Shadow Serpentis

(artful accuracy)
Its philosophy is AGILITY & PERCEPTION.

Shadow Serpentis railguns main feature is to boost TRACKING when overheating!
They inherited from Serpentis (a cutting-edge tech-corp) slightly better projection (falloff), friendlier cap-consumption and ability to overheat for a longer period of time.

Approx.(!) changes (related from T2!):
– Turret Tracking: 6,56 => 8 (same as mid-size 200mm Railguns)
– Overload ROF Bonus: 15% => 0%
– [MEGA!] Overload Turret Tracking Bonus: 0% => 50%
– Accuracy Falloff: 12km => 13km
– Heat Damage: 1HP => 0,66HP
– Activation Cost: 7GJ => 5GJ

Caldari Navy

(deadly precision)
Its philosophy is PLANNING & PREPARATION.

Caldari Navy railguns fires with TWO charges instead of ONE, thus increasing its alpha-strike, but doubles the ROF and activation cost.
Also, natively, they posess slightly better optimal/falloff characteristics.
Also, such turrets, being massive constructions, requires more powergrid than ordinary railguns.

Approx.(!) changes (related from T2!):
– Optimal Range: 28,8km => 33km
– Accuracy Falloff: 12km => 13km
– [MEGA!] Charges Per Cycle: 1 => 2 (double damage and charges consumption per shot)
– Rate Of Fire: 5,83s => 11,66s
– Activation Cost: 7GJ => 14GJ
– Powergrid Usage: 208MW => ??? (not sure how powerful hybrid artys will be, but feeling that PG must be higher - need to test further)

And so on, and so on…
Hope, developers will turn attention to this side of EVE!

I know some faction guns already can make use of t2 ammo… which means they’re already taking advantage of the specialization skills.

As for differentiation in other aspects, I know many republic fleet modules tend to have much lower fitting requirements (which is why they’re often much more expensive.)

i dont agree on the suggested stats, but faction hybrid and faction projectile turrets definitely need some love! currently i have exactly a single fit where i use one of the fomer mentioned faction gun and thats on a missile ship as suplementary dps, for a very niche scenario. i would like to see their power level more in line with faction launchers which are quite decent.

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