Faction ore in Ichinumi

I have lived out of Ichinumi for quite a while and I have noticed that on TQ there is no Faction ore. I checked the charts on Eve University and it stated that Faction ore spawns in 0.9 space and lower


I even checked on SiSi and found no Faction Ore, so I know it hasn’t been mined out. Why is it that this system is the (possibly) only system to have no Faction ore?


Its not in the name, but you can see that ores in 1.0 is all veldspar and scordite, the rest are diversified among region.

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The chart indicates the highest security in which an ore is found. It is not a guarantee that you can find that ore in a system of that security or lower.

In other words, if the system is 1.0, there definitely will not be any ‘faction ore’. If the system is .9 or less, there could possibly be some ‘faction ore’.

Though it says Mercoxit can be found in 0.0 or below, I rarely actually see any in a system of that security rating. You just happen to live out of one of those systems that proves there is no guarantee of finding any .9 or lower ore ore in a .9 system.


Standard ores in Ichinumi are Veldspar and Scordite since it is 0.9 security.
You will need to move to lower security systems to find ores like Plagioclase and Pyroxeres.

You will occasionally find ore anomalies that contain Omber, Kernite, Jaspet, or other lowsec ores. You need to scan for these.

I believe the uniwiki chart is incorrect - pyroxeres is available in 0.8 systems - not 0.9.

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Pyroxeres is available in 0.9 and lower. :wink:

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No need to Scan for them, all you have to do is open your Probe Scanner and they will be listed as any other anomaly will.


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